Money Talks & Lessons Learned – Feb 9, 2024

money and life talks

Hi there! This is a new series I’m testing out that shares 5 money and life reflections from the week. If you enjoy the series, please leave a comment below so I know to keep it going. Thanks!

We live up to our mental stories

I’m noticing this a lot with my children lately. But I’ve seen it play out over and over with adults (and myself too). Tell yourself that you’re not good with numbers and you’ll never even try. Tell yourself that you’re not a runner and you’ll never be one.

If I hope to achieve one thing as a parent and writer, it’s to promote the mental stories of possibility.

May we all simply believe that we can.

The best things in life are free

My new Thankful Thursday series is reminding me that almost everything that lifts my soul costs very little. I’d be a truly poor person only when good relationships and simple pleasures are taken away.

Sometimes learning is not the answer

Knowledge is available for FREE in our society. It’s awesome! Podcasts, audiobooks, social, articles, videos, email, you name it and we’re on it.

But lately, I’ve been feeling the need to get space from the noise. To simply be.

Yes, learning is important. And entertainment is fun. But it’s hard to listen to what’s inside of you when you’re surrounded by stimulus.

Life is easier when you expect the unexpected

Snow days, days off of school, work trips, sick days – you name it and it happens. Particularly if you are a parent, you’re going to stress 1000x less if you just know that out-of-the-blue stuff is quite ordinary.

What is money?

Is it different for everyone? For me it’s freedom. And security too. The key is knowing why it matters. Find out for yourself and you’ll be halfway there.

That’s it! Until next week friend 🙂

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