Thankful Thursday – Feb 8, 2024

Thankful Thursday

Hi there! This is a new series I’m testing out that shares 5 things I’m grateful for from the week. If you enjoy the series, please leave a comment below so I know to keep it going. Thanks!

1. The Pantry Challenge

banana bread for the pantry challenge no food waste challenge with canned goods

All in all, the quick pantry challenge reminded me that I don’t need to follow a recipe perfectly to make a good meal or snack. And it was fun getting a little creative.

2. Unexpected Free Time

My daughter’s sports practice got canceled for tonight. Having a few hours open that I didn’t before feels amazing. I might take a walk. Or read a book. Or take a nap. The sky’s the limit!

3. Bike Shorts

Thankful Thursday bike shorts

Yeah, this might be a weird one. 😂. But I’ve been running more and the thigh rubbing was making me miserable. I tried the spandex shorts for women, but they always rode up. (Sometimes I get mad at how women’s clothes are made!) Wearing bike shorts under my regular shorts is helping tremendously.

So, I’m very grateful for this new discovery!

4. Early Bedtimes

I got to bed early or on time every day this week. And it resulted in a full week of good sleep. My sleep has been off lately with my hubby traveling more, so this was a great energy boost.

5. The New Series on Both Sites

It’s fun getting more personal – almost like journaling. I’ve enjoyed writing for these more than I thought I would.

Stay tuned for a new Friday series on WW starting tomorrow called “Money Talks & Life Lessons.” And on my other blog, I’ll be doing Monday updates for goals of the month and a Friday series of “How We Connected for the Week.” They’re all short and sweet while highlighting real-life experiences.

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What are you thankful for this week?

Love always,


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to share things to be thankful for,

    1. The wonderful weather we’re having and being able to walk outside!
    2. Our dear daughter who invited us to try a new coffee place. It was a cozy place with
    many fancy desserts and pastries that delighted the senses. (Love Downton Abby,
    Sense and Sensibility, and anything Jane Austin)
    3. Sold 3 vintage items on Etsy this week. So fun!
    4. Birdsong outside our window teasing us into thinking it’s Spring!
    5. Having the funds set aside for work on our home’s foundation.