150 Positive Affirmations For Success and Wealth in 2024

Success affirmations for women in 2022

The story you tell yourself determines your future success and happiness. If you focus on the negative, doubt yourself, and flow through life letting things happen to you, your ultimate success will be out of reach.

But changing this mindset isn’t easy. And we ALL have holes in our thinking. That’s why, today, you’ll find a wonderful array of positive success affirmations for wealth, abundance, and life.

These affirmations are to support you and your growth. But they’ll also help you train your mind to be the warrior you were born to be. To build confidence, courage, gratitude, and grit for your beautiful moments ahead.

Powerful Benefits of Daily Affirmations

woman with hand in the air

Before we get to the list, here’s a quick summary of how positive self-talk can help you:

– It rewires the brain to improve self-esteem, confidence, and problem-solving.

– It helps you imagine positive events over negative ones (leading to easier life changes).

– Those that use affirmations stress and ruminate less.

– Those with higher levels of positive thoughts and gratitude before bed report higher levels of sleep quality.

Remember: who you are is made up entirely by who you think you are.

So, why not give them a try?

“Feed your mind with the good, the clean, the pure, the powerful, and the positive.”

Zig Ziglar

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Morning Affirmations For Success

First, these daily success affirmations are perfect for the morning, when you’re looking to kickstart your day and your mind.

morning affirmations for success and wealth: I begin the day feeling strong.

1. I appreciate the good in my life while striving for my goals.

2. I look for ways to use my strengths today.

3. I seek positive action every day.

4. I live this day true to my visions of what I want my life to be.

5. I create change in my life when I need it.

6. I have everything I need to make today great.

7. Amazing opportunities are on their way.

8. I have the power to choose how my day will go.

9. I stay focused on my vision today.

10. I plant seeds today to make my tomorrow better.

11. I look for moments to go the extra mile today.

12. I begin the day feeling strong and centered.

13. Good things are coming my way today.

14. I focus on high-value activities.

15. I start my day grateful for the good that surrounds me.

16. I am open to new opportunities today.

17. The only approval I need is my own.

18. Toxic guilt has no place in my day. (Women, especially, often feel guilty for decisions they’ve made. Even if they’re the right decisions. I know firsthand that “mom guilt” is a beast.)

19. I believe in myself.

20. I create win-win scenarios for those in my life.

21. I solve problems and overcome challenges.

22. I may face setbacks. But I won’t stop until I achieve my goals.

23. I replace “I have to” with “I get to.”

24. I lead with curiosity and wonder today.

25. I stand up for what I need today.

Positive I Am Success Affirmations

Next, people who believe themselves to be a certain identity will act accordingly. For example, if you believe you’re a runner, you’ll be more likely to run (or pick running back up after a lull period). That’s why these “I am” affirmations can be powerful.

I am strong and capable: success affirmations with I am

26. I am a leader. Not a victim. (Leaders take action and responsibility. Victims play the blame game.)

27. I am a good listener to others.

28. I am a problem solver.

29. I am focused on the goals before me.

30. I am courageous. (I do things even when I’m afraid.)

31. I am the captain of my fate.

32. I am passionate.

33. I am constantly learning.

34. I am strong. I am capable. I am confident.

35. I am grateful. Abundance is all around me.

36. I am the creator of my life.

37. I am relentless in pursuit of my goals.

38. I am inspired, energized, and disciplined.

39. I am an optimist. (Everything happens for my greater good.)

40. I am humble in my success.

41. I am a leader in my life and work.

42. I am hands-on. (I live my life with presence.)

43. I am confident in my abilities.

44. I am a goal crusher.

45. I am prosperous.

46. I am enough.

47. I am open to the ideas of others.

48. I am my own source of security and approval. I find it within.

49. I am worthy.

50. I am valuable.

Best Manifestation Affirmations

Utilize the law of attraction by seeing and bringing the good to you at home and at work

no limits happy woman: law of attraction success affirmations for manifestation of prosperity and abundance

51. I have enough time, money, and energy for everything I want to do.

52. Every day I take another step towards my dream life.

53. I am generous to those around me.

54. I bring valuable gifts and skills to my work today.

55. All around me, I see prosperity and abundance.

56. I am capable of achieving everything my heart desires.

57. I am worthy of following my dreams and making them happen.

58. I choose to wait now, to see greater rewards later. (delayed gratification)

59. I lead my life based on my dreams of what is possible.

60. I can figure out anything that I put my mind to. (And everything is figure-out-able)

61. If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.

62. I actively seek feedback, as it’s important to growth.

63. Money flows to me every day.

64. I choose what is right over what is easy.

65. My actions today align with wealth and prosperity.

66. Money flows to me in expected and unexpected ways.

67. I’m grateful for the prosperity I enjoy today.

68. I invite world-class support into my life.

69. I help others achieve their goals and dreams.

70. I recognize that the story I tell myself matters.

71. I create results based on my belief of what’s possible.

72. There’s enough success for everyone. (Many flowers can bloom at the same time.)

73. I let go of negative beliefs (about myself and the world) that hold me back.

74. There are no limits to my success.

75. I do at least one positive action towards my big goals every day.

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Affirmations for Career Success, Wealth, & Money

Dive into prosperity and abundance with these wealth affirmations! They’ll remind you to manage your days, learn, invest, and provide incredible value to those around you. All of the things that lead to incredible wealth over time.

woman with pot, invest in yourself with these best daily affirmations for business success in business and at work

76. I invest in myself every day.

77. I work to create enormous value in my workplace.

78. I am committed to building wealth in my life.

79. I manage my focus to bring out the best in me.

80. I commit to living in my genius. (Doing the things that celebrate my strengths and flow.)

81. I use money intentionally. To better my life and the lives of others.

82. I am open to different sources of income.

83. I pursue projects with relentless perseverance.

84. I let go of projects that no longer serve my higher purpose. (I don’t have to keep doing something because others expect me to.)

85. I turn “I can’t” into “I will find a way.”

86. The small things matter. In my work and in my life.

87. Sometimes, life is tough. But I’m tougher.

88. I see every challenge as an opportunity for growth today.

89. I value my team members and appreciate those who help me succeed.

90. I speak truthfully, openly, and with courage.

91. I make positive connections with others.

92. I acknowledge the abundance I already have in my life.

93. Every piece of work I produce represents my reputation.

94. I keep my promises to myself and others.

95. Money is good. Not evil. It helps me take care of myself, others, and contribute to causes I believe in.

96. I choose to be motivated and positive today.

97. I’m committed to building wealth every day.

98. I am intentional about how I use my time and energy.

99. New challenges excite me. I know that growth is on the horizon.

100. I make plans of action and know when things need to be done.

Sincere Success Affirmations in Life and Love

Contrary to popular belief, success isn’t only about financial wealth. In fact, it’s only a small piece of the puzzle. These affirmations address your purpose, happiness, and being a good person.

Hands in the air: I see the good in others.

101. I shine my light on the world.

102. I play, create, and express myself as who I am.

103. I work hard when I need to, and allow myself to rest when I need to.

104. I am responsible for my thoughts and actions.

105. I set boundaries in order to align my life with my values.

106. The world needs what I have to give.

107. I go out and get what I want.

108. I deserve to be successful in all areas of my life.

109. My word is my bond.

110. I stay focused on my vision for the future.

111. I trust in the gifts and talents of others.

112. I believe in my potential.

113. I maximize my energy by resting and playing.

114. It’s important to be aware of why I do what I do.

115. I see the good in others.

116. I can learn something from everyone. (No matter who the person is.)

117. I contribute to a better world through my work and life.

118. Success is not only about money. I strive for happiness, balance, and peace in my life too.

119. I inspire others to give their best by modeling my best.

120. I do something that scares me every day. (Push out of your comfort zone!)

121. Real power doesn’t come from external sources. (I.e. social media, your boss, etc.)

122. I live life on my own terms.

123. Problems are here for me to learn from.

124. I have enough money (wealth/prosperity) to be happy NOW.

125. I only pursue the opportunities that set my soul on fire.

Positive Night Affirmations For Success

After a day of chasing your dreams, it’s not always easy to shut your mind down at night. But you must! Rest and recovery are essential to energy-filled days. So, try a few of these nighttime success affirmations to help.

woman sleeping: powerful night success affirmations to say before sleep

126. I am already whole and complete. (A sense of security and approval have to come from within).

127. I show someone appreciation daily. (You can think of when you did today, or send out a quick one if you haven’t yet. Here are a few ideas.)

128. I’m grateful for the opportunity to create and learn today.

129. I let go of what I can’t control from the day.

130. I appreciate the support that others offered me today.

131. There’s something to be learned from today’s successes and failures.

132. I’m grateful for both the smooth and rocky parts of today.

133. No matter what happened today, I choose joy and happiness as I end my day.

134. What I did today was enough. Now, I rest and recover my mind and body.

135. I work hard, but I also work smart.

136. I accept what I couldn’t change today.

137. I make smart decisions for my future.

138. I think big, even if others encourage me to stay small.

139. My past does not dictate my future.

140. Tomorrow is another opportunity to grow and learn.

141. I deserve the care I give to others.

142. I calm my mind as I close out my day.

143. I release my thoughts of the day and what I did or didn’t do.

144. I’m here now. As I drift to sleep.

145. Where my mind goes my energy flows.

146. My to-do list will wait. Now is the time for sleep.

147. Life favors the bold and relentless. Tomorrow I rise with determination.

148. I did my best today.

149. I forgive myself and others for the mistakes made today.

150. What I did today was enough. Tomorrow is a fresh start.

How do I make my affirmations more powerful?

Now, saying affirmations is great. Reading them often is also helpful. But, to give them incredibly potent energy, these tips will help:

woman writing

Say them in the mirror

Watching yourself say them aloud gives the phrases an added level of vitality. I once did a challenge of this, and I was shocked by how much the affirmations changed my thinking in a few short weeks.

Say Them with feeling

In order to have a positive effect on your mind, you must feel the words in your body. Let the fire of the words wash over you – changing you from the inside out.

Write Them Down

And finally, writing anything down (just like taking notes) helps with retention. So, for those affirmations you’re really focusing on, why not add a short writing practice each morning?

Write down your affirmation. Say it aloud. And then move on with your day, knowing that your story is changing for the better.

positive affirmations for success, wealth, prosperity

What’s Next?

Before I go, I’d like to ask a fair question. What have you been feeding your mind lately?

Is it the latest episode of reality tv?

Or is it words of inspiration? Hope? And confidence?

What you put into your mind matters friend. In business and in all of life. In fact, it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

So, what positive success affirmations do you love to use?

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