55 Fun Would You Rather Money Questions (+ Free pdf)

would you rather money questions for kids, teens, adults, couples with free pdf

Money would you rather questions help you learn about your beliefs but also serve as conversation starters to help everyone open up. Get everyone talking, and a few giggles going too!

How To Play Money Would You Rather

No supplies are required for this game. And it can be played anywhere, at any time. It’s a silly way to connect (while learning) with your family or students!

Choose between the two scenarios given for each question. But remember, there’s no right or wrong answer!

*Keep reading to grab the free printable!

Funny Would You Rather Money Questions

funny would you rather money edition with questions for financial literacy

1. Would you rather find $300 on the street or get free ice cream anytime you want for a year?

2. Would you rather everything you touch turn to gold or get free money out of an atm but you didn’t know if it would be $1 or a million dollars?

3. Would you rather unexpectedly find $1000 or hidden treasure (value unknown) buried in your backyard?

4. Would you rather win the lottery or make millions on a business venture?

5. Would you rather be able to always pick winning stocks or win at poker?

6. Would you rather have a wallet that always has the exact amount of money you need, or a debit card that never runs out of funds?

7. Would you rather make an extra $100 a day or gain an extra hour to each day?

8. Would you rather win a fully paid luxury vacation or be given $7,000 to plan your dream vacation?

9. Would you rather your credit card be denied or trip (all in front of a crowd of people)?

10. Would you rather have to pay for ALL your purchases using pennies or $100 bills?

11. Would you rather have a partner who was beautiful/handsome but broke or less beautiful/handsome but rich?

12. Would you rather find a $5 bill under your pillow every morning or receive a $50 Amazon gift card every month?

13. Would you rather be able to pull bills out of thin air or have a money tree growing in your backyard?

14. Would you rather live with nothing but what can fit in a bag or have to live as an extreme hoarder?

15. Each month, would you rather have your bank account balance plastered on a billboard or only be able to withdraw money in front of a crowd?


Fun Money Would You Rather For Kids & Teens

Would you rather money questions are especially amazing for kids. They help teach money values, show kids that finance is fun, and teach good early decisions.

Would you rather win a vacation or a car? Quiz for kids and teens

16. Would you rather win a vacation or win a car?

17. Would you rather be famous but poor or wealthy but no one knows who you are?

18. If you could only pay for things using one type of money for a month, would you choose gold coins or $2 bills?

19. Would you rather buy ten $2 toys or one $20 toy?

20. Would you rather have to borrow money from mom and dad or borrow from a bank?

21. Would you rather have a credit card or a debit card?

22. Would you rather find cash in your jacket pocket (that you forgot about) or on the ground while you were walking?

23. Would you rather earn money selling something (lemonade stand) or doing a service for someone (shoveling driveways)?

24. Would you rather have your cash in a piggy bank at home or in a named savings account at a bank?

25. Would you rather spend your money doing something fun with your friends or on something cool for your room?


Money Would You Rather Questions for Adults

These are fun but also help you think critically.

Would you rather…

would you rather money related questions for adults and couples to discuss and talk about, free printable financial this or that

26. always get the best price or always get the best quality?

27. have all the money you could ever want or not get sick ever again?

28. have to do all your money in cash envelopes or never deal with cash again?

29. Invest in yourself or invest in the market?

30. leave a large inheritance to your children (that might affect how motivated they are), or a smaller, incentive-based inheritance?

31. leave the majority of an inheritance to your family or charity?

32. pay off your house or use the money (from not paying off your house) to invest?

33. pay for your kids’ education or leave their education costs up to them?

34. invest in real estate properties or invest in gold?

35. invest in something that could change the world but was risky or play it safe with a traditional investment?

36. save and hoard your money but never use it, or spend all of it but have nothing left?

37. give money to a charity or someone you know?

38. pay off debt or save more in an emergency fund?

39. receive $1,000 every week but not be able to save any of it, or receive $100 every week that you can save?

40. do a job you dislike and get paid well or do a job you love and make very little?

41. have the power to make any purchase tax-free or always find a $20 bill in your pocket every time you put on a jacket?

42. pursue your passion knowing that your retirement years will have a tight budget or sacrifice now for comfort in your later years?

43. have all the money on you stolen or find out your car was stolen?

44. have to cut back on your spending or find ways to increase your income?

45. invest in a highly profitable company with a poor ethical track record or a less profitable one with strong moral history?

46. when receiving a windfall, get it in a lump sum or divided into every month?

47. Start a business or get more education for higher pay?

48. Be debt-free or use debt strategically to leverage wealth?

49. Hire a financial planner or do it yourself?

50. Use a strict budget or loose spending guidelines?

51. Improve your self-discipline or improve your money mindset?

52. Have to stop eating out or have to stop all online spending for a month?


Financial Would You Rather for Couples

Would you rather…

53. budget by yourself or with your partner?

54. be with someone who is spendy but generous or someone who saves but is cheap?

55. have a joint bank account or separate finances?

Fun Game Tips

Dinner Table & Group Ideas

  • Ask everyone the same question. Go around the table to hear all the answers.
  • Ask every person a different question.
  • Ask the question and guess what the person beside you will say.

Free Would You Rather Money Printable

You can do the game verbally, or print this pdf out and have everyone circle their answers. After, discuss!

would you rather money questions for kids, teens, adults, couples with free pdf

What’s Next?

Playing would you rather money edition is an engaging way to explore scenarios and discover preferences. These questions spark discussions about money management, investment choices, and personal values.

Grab more fun free games here:

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