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decluttering checklist pdf printable to declutter your home and life now

Effectively Declutter Your Home Now!

Are your paper stacks piling up? Drawers getting hard to open and close? Closets bursting?

It’s time to declutter! But where do you even start?

I can help! Grab this free and effective decluttering checklist. It will help you decide what to keep and what to sort out in each room of your home.

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Declutter Your Home Checklist

It may not surprise you, but Americans have a rather large problem when it comes to the amount of stuff we own.

  • There are 48,500 storage units in the U.S. (more than Mcdonald’s & Starbucks locations combined). (source)
  • 80% of the items people keep are never used. (source)

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we have.

But this decluttering checklist makes your home more enjoyable to live in. Let’s get started!

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How to start decluttering

First, make it easy to get started with the four-box method. Gather 4 boxes and label each box.

TRASH: Broken or damaged items go in this box. These items aren’t worth donating or selling.

DONATE/SELL: Decide before decluttering if you want to sell or donate items (or have boxes for both).

STORE: These are items that you do not use regularly, but still use. i.e. seasonal decor, waffle makers, etc.. Or they may have sentimental value that you are not ready to part with.

PUT AWAY: This will be your smallest box. You use these items regularly and they already have a proper spot in your house.

Next, read these tips for how to use the printable decluttering checklist to go room by room. Then, print off the download below!

How to declutter a Kitchen Checklist

decluttering kitchen; decluttering checklist

The kitchen is perhaps the most overwhelming room. From papers, to art supplies, to backpacks, stuff lands in the kitchen.

To make matters worse, many of us have way too many kitchen supplies. And we use our kitchen all day long.

When in cluttered spaces, people are more likely to make poor eating choices. Those with extremely cluttered homes are 77% more likely to be overweight. (source)

Use this list to get started when you are ready to tackle this room.

  • Fridge: expired/unused items
  • Excess cooking tools
  • Glasses, mugs, water bottles
  • Extra hosting/holiday items
  • Unused appliances
  • Unused pots, pans, & dishes
  • Old dish towels & cloths
  • Cleaning supplies not used
  • Pantry: old food & spices
  • Unmatched food containers
  • Old condiment packets, takeout menus, disposable utensils, paper goods

Living room Decluttering Checklist

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We want our living room to remain a cozy space, so get rid of the things you don’t need or use anymore.

  • Excess blankets & pillows
  • Book you won’t read again
  • Decor/knick-knacks you don’t like
  • Excess electronics & cords
  • Artwork you don’t like
  • DVDs/CDs you won’t use
  • Video games/devices unused
  • Magazines

decluttering Bedroom checklist

woman sorting clothes bedroom closet list

People who sleep in a cluttered room are more likely to have sleeping problems. (source)

Create a calmer sleeping environment by using this bedroom decluttering checklist.

  • Clean off the top of the nightstand
  • Clean out nightstand drawers
  • Completely clear out under the bed
  • Clear off the top of dressers
  • Sort out unwanted/unused clothes
  • Clear off chairs and floor
  • Put loose change in one spot

decluttering Closets List

I recently decided to declutter my master closet. I do this periodically, so I didn’t think I would have much to get rid of.

I was wrong.

What a difference it makes to go through these items and only keep what you use!

  • Sort out unused clothes
  • Sort hats, bags, scarfs, & belts
  • Get rid of shoes you don’t wear
  • Sort jewelry, keepsakes, kids’ memorabilia & holiday decorations

Kids Rooms Decluttering Checklist

child in messy room

The stuff in kids’ rooms takes on a life of its own! And if you have multiple kids, this can be a massive sanity saver.

  • Sort out clothes that don’t fit
  • Toss worn undergarments
  • Sort out broken/outgrown toys
  • Sort out shoes that don’t fit
  • Sort out old bedding
  • Sort out age-appropriate books
  • Declutter toy collections

Try out These tips to Banish clutter in your kid’s rooms

  • Keep an extra storage bin in your child’s closet. When you notice that they have outgrown an item of clothing, place it immediately into that bin. When that bin is full, it is ready to give away or save for a younger sibling.
  • Use the one-in-one out rule when your child gets new items. They can find one toy to donate when they get a new toy. Before birthdays or Christmas, have your child sort through their toys to declutter.
  • Declutter while they are gone! If you are worried about this approach, stick items in a bag and if they don’t notice the items are gone in two weeks, donate them.

Decluttering Bathrooms List

I dare you to count how many mostly empty or never used products you have in your bathroom!

  • Throw out old lotions & cosmetics
  • Discard expired meds/sunscreen
  • Only keep products you use
  • Get rid of old towels
  • Sort out old hair accessories
  • Sort shavers, curling irons, brushes & combs

Laundry/Linen decluttering checklist

woman sorting linens in the laundry room

Don’t forget about the laundry room and your linen closets.

While it is important to have extra linens, pillows, and blankets, keep only those in good condition that get used.

  • Clean out excess linens & sheets
  • Get rid of old rags and pillows
  • Sort laundry supplies
  • Toss empty or unused cleaning supplies
  • Remove excess hangers
  • Sort irons, steamers, etc…
  • Sort out household tools, batteries, candles & flashlights

Everything Else decluttering checklist

Finally, go through this decluttering list to sort through other items found in your house.

  • Pet items no longer needed
  • Clean out old craft supplies
  • Sort games and puzzles
  • Old technology and cords
  • Sort coats and winter accessories
  • Get rid of old paint
  • Sort out office supplies
  • Sort, organize & shred unneeded documents

*Bonus digital items to declutter: Delete unused apps on your phone. Delete unneeded files on your computer. Unsubscribe to unwanted emails to declutter your inbox.

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<<Download your free decluttering list here.>>

Then, grab access to more amazing free printables and money tips below!

Things to remember when decluttering

Now, you’re well on your way! But keep these in mind as you go:

1. Get rid of broken items

If items are broken, recycle or get rid of them. Unless you have the time and ability to fix broken things, they are likely to stay broken.

2. put items away where they belong

When going through each room, put items away that don’t belong in that room. Decluttering is an ongoing process. Involve your family and hold them accountable for putting things where they belong.

3. make a plan for outgrown items

Your family is constantly growing and changing. Which means, they are leaving items behind that are no longer needed. Have a plan for donating things your family has outgrown.

For sentimental items:

  • Give to cousins or a neighborhood family that will also love them.
  • Donate the items to foster care children or children in need.
  • Ask friends where they have sold or donated sentimental items.
  • Consider taking a picture of the item to keep instead.
  • If you are still too emotional, store the item temporarily until your next big decluttering sweep. Then make it a goal to get rid of it if it’s not in use

4. find places to donate items

Check around to find near you!

Suggestions on places to donate include: The Salvation Army, Goodwill, community donation centers, local thrift stores, and churches.

5. It is okay to get rid of stuff

In fact, the benefits of having less include:

  • Financial savings
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Less housework (wahoo!!!)
  • More productivity
  • Better sleep

For more tips to decluttering your home fast, read here.

decluttering checklist: tips when you start room by room

To Consider With Your Decluttering Checklist

Use the tips in this article along with the decluttering checklist to help you get started on your home.

Take it one room at a time and enjoy the many benefits of a less cluttered life.

*Need a challenge to jumpstart your progress? Try this free 30 Day Minimalism Challenge!

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