30 Day Minimalism Challenge For 2024 (Free Declutter Calendar)

Minimalism challenge list and free pdf printable

Does it ever feel like you just can’t catch up?

Information and stuff surround us from all directions. And what’s worse, if you have kids, a business, health issues, or muddy finances, it’s shockingly easy to drown under it all.

That’s why we have this free 30 day minimalism challenge for you today!

30 day minimalism challenge pin: How to become a minimalist in 30 days

In as little as a month, you’ll

  • zone in on what adds value to your days
  • be able to breathe again, and enjoy life

What a relief in just a few minutes a day!

Before you start this Minimalism challenge!

donation box: declutter your life

Set up a large box for donations, a box for things you want to sell, and a garbage bag for trash. When you have these things ready to go, you’ll have an easier time building momentum.

*And don’t forget your free 30 days minimalism challenge pdf at the bottom of this article!

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How to Become a Minimalist In 30 Days

Now, let’s get to it!

Day 1: Find 15 items to donate, sell, or throw away

On day one, we’re keeping it simple. Walk through your home and put 15 items into the boxes and bags you set up before this challenge began. After, if you feel inspired, keep going and see how many you can get!

Bonus points if you remove something large from your home. Schedule a bulk pickup and free yourself from the items!

Day 2: Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge Day

Next, tackle your closet. If you haven’t worn something in the last 6-12 months, it’s time for it to go.

Day 3: Clear out your email inbox

This day is to help with mental clutter, which these days, is almost worse than the physical kind. Most of us walk around with information overload in the palm of our hands!

Take 15 minutes of your time and unsubscribe from anything in your email inbox that you aren’t completely loving.

Day 4: Purge your movies and books

Next, it’s time to hit the shelves!

Most of our entertainment these days is through streaming, so it’s ok to let go of old DVDs. Next, are there books on your shelves that will make another reader happy? Free up mental space for yourself and help someone out at the same time!

Day 5: Simplify your family meals

What meals can you rotate through regularly?

In my home, we put the same meals on a two-week rotation. These meals are both healthy AND quick. Which ensures we’re eating out less.

Some gluten-free meals we rotate include:

  • Oven bake (roasted protein, veggies, and potato chunks)
  • Chickpea pasta and peas
  • Soups
  • Chilis
  • Fish with veggies

Once you have your list, put it on the fridge!

Day 6: Clean out your kids toys and books

putting away toys, digital 30 day minimalism challenge printable

If you have small kids, this one is BIG! (And if you have to split it into two days to get it done, do it!) Go through your toy cabinets and kids’ rooms. Round up the things they no longer use.

But…How do you get rid of kids toys without upsetting them?

As a mom, here’s what works in my home:

  • Do it while they’re gone. Seriously, sometimes it’s just easier when they’re not involved. (Especially young kids)
  • Let them pick their items to sell. Kids are just as motivated by money as adults. If you let them know they’ll make money off of items, they’ll be 10x more willing to let go.

Day 7: Cut Down on Your Goals & Projects

Going after too many things degrades your focus and sanity. It’s time to step back!


What are the 1 or 2 goals you’d like to accomplish in the next month? Go all in on those and drop the rest! (Find good financial goals examples here)


Next, if you’re trying to re-do your kitchen while coaching your child’s soccer team and pursuing 5 different projects at work, you need to step back. Decide on the most important projects and shelve the rest to revisit in a month.

Remember: it doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish all of your goals and projects! You’re simply taking them one at a time. You’ll actually move faster this way!

Day 8: Declutter your decorations

Ugh. I’m thinking of my own basement as I write this. Stacks of tubs with forgotten decorations line the shelves. Does this happen to you too?

Today, go through what you have.

Do these items still bring you joy? If not, it’s time to go!

Day 9: Clean out your fridge

Drag those old moldy items out of the fridge. And don’t forget the condiments and door shelves! These items tend to get forgotten, so going through them will give you more bang for your buck when it comes to decluttering.

This is also a great day to wipe out the fridge if you haven’t done it in a while.

Day 10: Declutter your countertops

Declutter your countertops challenge list with free pdf

Next, walk through your horizontal spaces.

Declutter what you don’t need and find a space for the rest. Often, things get thrown on the counter because you don’t have a good “home” for them. Today is the day to make one!

Day 11: Declutter your bathroom drawers

Yes, those. The ones you stuff all of the face masks in that you’ll use later.

Chances are you have makeup and old lotions that need to go. And that this day’s minimalism challenge will feel amazing when you’re done.

Day 12: Clean out your car

First, clean out the junk. Then, ask yourself a few questions to help in the future:

  • Do you need a trash can in there?
  • Do you need to set a rule that kids take their trash inside? Or that you empty trash from the car when you run errands?
  • Do things in your trunk need a different permanent home?
  • Would putting anything in your car make life easier? (Hand sanitizer, Kleenex, battery charging kit, etc.)

Day 13: Outsource or ask for help

So many of us try to do all the things! But this leads to mental fog, burnout, and depression. It’s time for us to realize that multitasking is overrated.

Place value on your time!

Today, decide on one thing you’re going to get help with. Perhaps you take your tax stuff to an accountant this year. Or you pay the neighbor kid to mow the lawn. Or you ask your aunt to watch the kids for an evening. Set it up and do it!

day 14: Declutter your pantry

We’ve covered the fridge, now it’s time to tackle the pantry. Get rid of expired food and put foods you need to use up in the next few weeks in a special marked bag. Then, spend an extra five minutes meal planning those “need to use ASAP” foods into the rotation.

Try a pantry challenge to make sure it gets used! >>

30 day minimalism declutter challenge for 2023

Day 15: Declutter your shoes and accessories

Go through your shoes, jewelry, and other small accessories to evaluate the items that add joy to your life. If you haven’t worn these items in the last year, let them go.

Day 16: Go through all the papers laying around

This day’s challenge has three steps!

  1. Walk your home and address every single paper you see! Recycle, throw away, pay bills, and file away what you need to.
  2. Create a system for incoming papers. Evaluate your filing system and see if you can make it better.
  3. Opt out of junk mail. Call the customer service number in the mail you wish to eliminate. Request that your name be removed from their mailing list. You can also try to do this via email. (Harvard.edu)

Bonus: Choose to receive your bills “paperless” as well!

Day 17: Clean out your junk drawer

Yes, the dreaded junk drawer. At least you’re only picking one!

Find a home for what’s in that drawer, and purge what you can.

Day 18: Block out a space for quiet

This day is for you! Block out a space of 2-3 hours to simply loiter about. That’s right, decluttering your mind is just as important as your physical space. Spend these hours slowly.

Sit outside. Take a walk. Enjoy a bath. Do some thinking.

Take note of the emotions that pop up during this time. And do something that makes you happy. (But no home or job work!)

Day 19: Simplify your finances

woman using calculator

Pick one of the following activities, and get it done! You’ll feel like a 50-pound weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

  • Consolidate bank accounts or brokerage accounts
  • Automate savings and investing
  • Sign into your bills and go paperless if you haven’t
  • Put your bills on autopay

Find more great ways to simplify finances here >>

Day 20: Clean out your purse

Yay, this one’s easy! Dump your purse out, file or throw away the receipts, and purge your belongings.

Tip: I only buy small purses. It forces me to only put the essentials in and makes it easier to find things.

Day 21: Detox from news and social media

Start the day by turning off your notifications. Then, resist the temptation to check. You can do it! Your mind will be more focused, less anxious, and happier because of it.

You may even want to extend the detox and enjoy your clarity and mood for longer.

Day 22: Clear out your freezer

Pull out everything in your freezer and make note of the things that need to be used up. Get rid of the expired items.

Pat yourself on the back! You’ve now gone through all of your food!

Day 23: Digital Minimalism Challenge Day

less mess

In today’s world, this is crucial! Here are ideas to declutter your tech environment:

  • Delete old downloads on your computer (back things up first)
  • Delete apps you no longer use on your phone and computer
  • Label and put things into folders
  • Recycle old devices and cords

Are you struggling with getting rid of old tech? Put it into a box for several months. If you didn’t use it, it’s ok to let go of it.

Day 24: Purge Kids clothes and Shoes

Next, gather up old kids clothes, shoes, coats, etc. and put them in your labeled boxes.

Day 25: Choose one cabinet to clean out

Just one! If you gain momentum, do more. But start small! Choose a cabinet that’s been bothering you lately, and purge anything you can out of it.

Day 26: Clean out your desk

Declutter your desk: minimalist

A messy desk impacts your productivity enormously. So today, recycle, trash, and file away papers. Then, purge your office supplies until you have only what you need.

*In a rush? Declutter fast with these great tips!

Day 27: Declutter your laundry room or Garage

On this day, you have a choice! Both of these rooms are forgotten places when it comes to decluttering. So, choose one and aim to get at least 20 items out of either of them.

Day 28: Go through your subscriptions and memberships

Then, cancel what you don’t actively use!

We just did this with Audible. For a time, my husband loved it. But the last 4-5 months, he hasn’t been using it. What a waste of money! We canceled it and will re-active when he’s ready to get into audiobooks again.

Day 29: Make a Plan For After the Minimalism Challenge

Unfortunately, if you get off this challenge and go on a spending spree, you’ll flush your progress down the toilet. So today, make a plan for how you’ll manage the things coming into your home in the future.

Perhaps you…

  • Opt out of gift exchanges or focus on experience gifts
  • Get rid of 2 things for every 1 that comes into your home
  • Schedule a mini-purge weekly or monthly

Day 30: Drop Off Your Donations

Finally, today you take all of the items you’ve collected to donate. Now, take a moment to acknowledge that YOU DID IT!

You created more space for yourself to breathe, think, and live. What a beautiful thing.

I’ve learned that minimalism is not about what you own, it’s about why you own it.

– Brian Gardner (Find more inspiring decluttering quotes here)

Free 30 Day Minimalism Challenge Printable PDF

Minimalism rules for the 30 day challenge: free printable pdf calendar

Grab access to more great free printables like this below!

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To Consider With This 30 Day Minimalist Challenge

If you miss a day in this challenge, don’t fret. It’s perseverance that counts! Get back on the train and do a little bit, one day at a time.

Before you know it, you’ll realize that…

  • it’s a lot easier to move through the rooms in your home
  • You’re less stressed and overwhelmed
  • You’re walking with a serious pep in your step

Try out the challenge now! Then, leave a comment below to tell how it went!

*Need another gentle nudge? Check out this article on how to get fired up with motivation to declutter.

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