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Are you ready for a new challenge? To stretch outside of your comfort zone and pocket some real cash? Let’s do it!

What is the Ask for It challenge?

This challenge is based on the studies done on women and negotiation. In a nutshell, women don’t ask. Like ever.

It’s one major reason women earn 20% less for doing the same jobs as men. This isn’t only about money – it’s also about household chores, lower job titles, and settling for less in other areas of your life.

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woman asking a question

The challenge, based on the wonderful book, Ask for It, focuses on the idea that you need to get used to asking. Women fear social rejection far more than men. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get. And it’s time to work on that.

Aside from being a massive money booster, this challenge will:

  • Boost your confidence
  • Unlock opportunities you didn’t even know existed
  • Empower yourself to get what you deserve (know your value!)

This challenge is AMAZING for fast results!

How does the Ask for It Challenge Work?

How to do the ask for it challenge

1. First, define your time limit. While the book highlights a 6-week negotiating program, I think it’s more practical to stick to a week or two and get focused.

2. Second, pick the number of times you’ll ask for something in your set time frame. Come up with a number that stretches you.

3. Next, jot down a list of things you could ask for.

  • Use the ideas and my real-life examples below to help guide you
  • Think of everyday annoyances and challenges you face
  • Brainstorm what you want out of life. What do you need to ask for to run that half marathon or start that business?

4. Get to work! You’re on a short time limit, so time is of the essence. If you can’t start the challenge immediately, then schedule it on your calendar as soon as possible.

5. Track your progress. Tally on a piece of paper or mark in your planner whenever you ask for something.

I Took the Ask for It Challenge: Here’s What I Found

Next, I took the challenge too. You see, when I started the book, I thought that I was different. I own a business, for goodness sake. I have to ask for things!

But I quickly realized that I let things slide as much as any other woman. I’ve even had my husband say, “If you want something, why don’t you just ask for it?”

I did the ask for it challenge

So, I decided to ask for 20 things in 2 weeks. Here are some examples that worked (and didn’t). Use what I learned to make your challenge even better!

What worked:

  • I told friends exactly what they could bring to a gathering I hosted. I think they appreciated that I was specific and direct.
  • I asked a cashier to return flowers that had rung up for $40 at the grocery store (I’d thought they were $15 but almost bought them anyway. I didn’t want to bother anyone – until I remembered the challenge!)
  • I asked for what I wanted from my husband on our anniversary. The challenge made me realize that he won’t know unless I spell it out. (Flowers, chocolates, and time alone.)
  • I added 11 email sign-ups to my sites. The only way to get email subscribers is to ask them!
  • I asked a work app I’ve been using for a discount. To my surprise, they immediately responded with a 30% off coupon. What?!
  • I asked my kids to step up (It’s summer). They started doing morning checklists on weekdays. These include a chore and good habits I shouldn’t have to constantly remind them of.
  • I asked for time for myself around my hubby’s travel.
  • I worked on asking for sales in my business emails.

Things I did that didn’t work:

  • I asked for a group discount for putting two of my kids in music lessons. They declined. And it was no big deal.
  • I asked my email provider about a way to better the user experience for readers. They don’t have what I was looking for. But he said he would bring it up to their tech support to consider.
  • I asked different doctor’s offices if they did ear piercings. I couldn’t find much, but it was worth asking.

What I could have done differently:

child at the pool
  • I took my kids to the pool for the first time this summer. I had plans to buy the season pass, which would save us money overall. But I was told that I had to make a separate trip to the community center to buy passes. So, I paid $21 to get three of us in for the day. And then bought season passes a few days later. When I told this to my husband, he said “you should have asked for your $21 to be taken off the season pass price.” Well, crap. I didn’t even THINK to do that! Missed opportunity noted.
  • I tried to get more specific on social media about using “ask” words – read, watch, download, share. I wasn’t as consistent as I should have been.

Other Ideas to Make It Happen

The biggest issue I came across wasn’t asking. It was that I don’t consider asking at all. It helped to keep a running list of ideas throughout the challenge.

Don’t forget! The more you ask, the easier it gets.

So, here are a few more:

  • Ask for a discount on something you see in the store
  • Ask for an upgrade at the hotel you’re staying at (or a robe or toiletry item)
  • Ask for a promotion or raise (be sure to highlight the value you’ve added to the organization)
  • Ask others in your family to cook a few nights a week
  • Ask to stay a little longer for work travel, so you can take a better flight
  • Call your credit card company (or utilities, etc) and ask for a better interest rate since you have a great credit rating and always pay on time
  • Ask around for recommendations (for restaurants, clothing, anything)
  • Ask for more work that you love to do at your job
  • Ask for a better coffee maker (because the coffee is dreadful) or printer (because it breaks half the time) at work
  • Ask your partner to watch the kids so you can go on a run
  • Ask your professional network for contacts or advice
  • Ask for a girls weekend, without feeling guilty
  • Ask the librarian to hold your book for an extra day if you’re out of town
  • Ask for a bulk discount if there’s something you buy a lot of
  • Ask your next-door neighbor to trim the tree hanging in your yard
  • Ask to trade services (For example, my hairdresser has a client who’s a masseuse. They trade hair services for massages)

Quick Tips For Your Ask for It Challenge

free habit goal commitment card contract template, self discipline examples

1. Gather accountability. Tell a few friends or family. Or try the commitment card to help you follow through. Gathering support can make all the difference when it comes to doing a challenge like this.

2. Set a fun reward for when you hit your target goal.

3. When you negotiate, always try to be polite and go for a win-win scenario.

  • What does the other side want? What are their priorities?

4. Ask for more than you think you’ll get. Even if it falls short, you’ll have more than you would have otherwise gotten!

Now, join me. Take the challenge with me! Then, let me know how it went for you in the comments. I’d love to hear!

What’s Next?

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