15 Fun Mini Money Challenges That Supercharge Savings

mini money saving challenges and free printables, short challenge ideas

These mini money saving challenges will supercharge your savings, put a smile on your face, and make you feel empowered and in control.

  • Are you asking yourself “How can I make saving fun?”
  • Does it feel like you never quite get ahead?

Whether you’re scraping by or doing well, short money challenges can give you a huge boost quickly. All it takes is the right motivation!

mini money saving challenges

How Savings Challenges Make It Fun

Savings challenges make the difficult seem easy. Saving can be a bore. But it doesn’t have to be! By giving your savings purpose, motivation, and a deadline, you save more in less time.

  1. Choose one or more of the mini saving challenges below
  2. Download any free printables that go with your challenge
  3. Then, check out the tips for success.

Now, let’s. Get. Saving!

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Short Money Challenges to Do at Home

1. The 5 in 5 Challenge

This one is so valuable! You can read about how I did the 5 in 5 challenge. Here are the basics:

  1. Set aside 5 days to focus
  2. Pick a number with a 5 in it to save (I picked $500)
  3. Get moving!
5 in 5 challenge free printable tracker pdf

2. The Ask for It Challenge

I created this challenge after reading the book: Ask for It. It’s based on solid studies that show women don’t ask. For pretty much anything. We don’t negotiate either.

The results of this are downright depressing. And I wanted to challenge myself and others to get practice at asking for what you want.

Here’s how this challenge works:

  1. Set aside a time frame to ask (7-14 days is good)
  2. Decide on a number of times you will ask for things (I chose 20)
  3. Make a list of things you want and things that annoy you. These are perfect examples of things you could be asking for.

See how I did during the Ask For it Challenge>>

“Nice girls don’t ask. But smart women do.”

3. No Spend Weekend Challenge

Dive into the deep end with the no spend challenge. Try it for a day, a week, or a month. And go from zero savings to hundreds or thousands.

no spend challenge printable for a week or 30 days: month tracker

4. Find Your Forgotten Money Challenge

How much money do you have lying around without knowing it? Let’s find out! Choose a weekend and dive into your:

  • Credit card rewards
  • Gift cards
  • Forgotten rebates
  • Reward programs within stores
  • And anything else you may have forgotten about!

5. 5 Day Decluttering Challenge

Clean out your home and make money on your stuff. Or simply declutter your living space so you can streamline and focus on your life.

“If you have debt I’m willing to bet that general clutter is a problem for you too.”

Suze orman

6. The 7 Day Pantry Challenge

banana bread for the pantry challenge no food waste challenge with canned goods

For one week, challenge yourself to cook meals only using ingredients on hand. This helps you save money on groceries and reduce food waste. Plus, you’ll learn to improvise with your cooking creations.

Check out my pantry challenge meals >>

7. The 7 Day Freezer Challenge

saving stats, money savings challenge for 30 day calendar

This is the same concept as a pantry challenge, but instead you’re focusing on your fridge and freezer. Take inventory first. Then, spend the next 7 days eating up what you have.

8. Do a Cash-Only Week

best cash envelope categories to have: 5 examples list

Next, make saving fun AND more tangible.

  1. Take out your budget in bills for the week
  2. Separate it into cash envelope categories.
  3. Once you spend it, the money’s all gone!

You’ll learn a lot about your spending habits and how you can save more in the future.

9. Free Entertainment Challenge

Could you spend a week doing free things with family and friends? Yes, it means you have to get creative. You might need to do research or have a talk with your friends about why it’s important to you. But it’s very doable!

unique and refreshing no spend weekend ideas, activities

10. Digital Detox Challenge

What would your life be like if you gave up digital entertainment for a month?

A. You’d save a lot of money NOT paying for streaming services, apps, etc.

B. You’d likely be happier. Swap out your couch time for nature and time with loved ones.

Pro Tip: Log out and unsubscribe from everything you can think of before starting!

After you complete this mini money saving challenge, you’ll know exactly what digital entertainments are worth your spending money.

11. Challenge to Your Mighty Goal

Do you have something you’re working towards? Use one of these free trackers and tips to get there faster!

12. Invest in Your Future Challenge

Set aside 7 days and do one thing every day that makes your future brighter.

  • Invest in the stock market
  • Invest in your knowledge-building
  • Invest in your health and wellness
  • Invest in a skill that increases your income

The sky is the limit! But you can’t fall asleep at night until you’ve done one thing that benefits your future self.

13. Stop Eating Out Challenge

If you find yourself ordering takeout often, then this is for you! Challenge yourself to give up eating out for a week or month. Then, try these tips to make it happen:

weekly meal plan: how to stop eating out all the time to lose weight and save money

Pro Tip: Any challenge can be adjusted to match your income. If it has been a rough month, then lower the number. But don’t stop. The important thing is that you’re saving consistently.

Fun Money Saving Game Challenges

Next, these money saving challenges are also games! You can’t make saving more fun than doing it as a game!

14. Money Moves Bingo

Grab it below!

Free printable Bingo: spending and saving money games

15. Board Game Challenge

fun free printable saving money games and challenges for adults, kids, family
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*Bonus: Different Financial Learning Challenge

Financial scavenger hunt learning literacy, saving money games

Fun Long Money Saving Challenges

In these longer money challenges, you can save anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

Best Tips For Saving Challenge Success

Keep track of your progress: Many of the fun mini money challenges in this article come with a visual tracker for a reason. It helps you stay motivated!

Grab a friend: Tell someone what you’re doing and see if they’ll do it too. You can support each other through the good and the bad.

Fill out a commitment card: It’s a card that has everything you need to stay accountable.

Make specific savings goals: Write out exactly what you are saving for and why. Give yourself a deadline too. This clarity will be important as you get farther into any challenge.

What’s Next?

Grab more money saving games and money motivation to make your dreams happen!

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