50 Epic Money Vision Board Ideas, Examples, & How To (2024)

digital money vision board examples and ideas for debt free finance and financial abundance

What is your financial vision?

Looking for money vision board ideas to help you make your dreams a reality? This post not only has beautiful examples to motivate you, but you’ll get specific help for your financial goals too!

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Quick Benefits of a Money Vision Board

A great vision board has a wealth of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • It gives you clarity (what do you really want in your life?)
  • It increases your resiliency and ability to solve problems
  • It helps you let go of the past
  • It enhances productivity, focus, and determination
  • It makes you more optimistic (It’s hard to look at a vision board and not be hopeful)

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How to Make a Money Vision Board

First, here are the exact steps for making a financial freedom vision board.

How to make a finance vision board for business

1. Brainstorm & Let Your Mind Run With It

First, spend a few moments writing down your biggest hopes and dreams around money. Think short-term and long-term. And, at this step, it’s important to dream without limiting yourself to what’s “possible.”

2. Narrow Down and Write Out Your Goals

Next, narrow down your brainstorm and choose the goals and words that fit your lifestyle best. When making goals, stick to 1-5.

Also, while you don’t have to write this specifically on your finance vision board, it helps to write SMART goals to go along with your board. Create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Learn more about financial smart goal setting >>

Think Big: Your vision should be realistic, but also stretch you. Remember, if you shoot for the moon and miss, you’ll still end up amongst the stars.

3. Gather Your Money Vision Board Materials

Next, gather anything you want to make your board. Your financial vision can include anything from images, to quotes, and success affirmations.

You may want any of these:

  • Magazines
  • A printer to print images
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Construction paper
  • Large background/Corkboard
  • Markers or fun pens
  • Push pins or magnets
  • Stamps

4. Create

In this step, find what inspires you most! These images and words should represent your financial goals. When you look at them, they stir an emotional chord within you.

Bonus Tip: Include goals but also images of overcoming challenges.

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5. Display

And finally, this step is incredibly important. Put your dream board in a place where you see it every single day. Two months from now (when you’re feeling less motivated), that vision board will be standing there sturdy and strong, to help you get through the challenging moments.

Vision Board Examples For Financial Freedom

Next, check out financial vision examples to get you thinking about the right type of visuals for you.

1. Invest in Your Future Board

These Polaroid images and post-its are unique and fun. Why not even include pictures of yourself?

2. Financially Fit Vision Board

One of the main quotes in this picture frame board says it all…

Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.

3. Digital Money Vision Board

digital money vision board examples and ideas for debt free finance

Do you prefer to create your vision board online? No worries! You can easily make great digital money vision boards with a free account in Canva. This one took me less than 10 minutes.

4. Feed Your Mind Dream Board

I love the combination of words and images on this large money vision board. It’s also highly specific! The creator knows exactly what they’re going after.

5. Scrapbook Style Money Vision Board

This unique vision board scrapbook is pretty and elegant. If you prefer texture instead of photos, this is a great idea to try.

6. Living the Dream Motivational Money Board

motivational money finance vision boards to attract and manifest

What does it look like to live your dream? Larger-than-life photos make this money vision board a great one to use as a model.

7. Movie Vision Board

Because visualization is all about seeing yourself in motion, a short digital movie may be just what you need to “step” into your financial dreams. What do you think? You can make one on Canva.

8. Focus Dream Board

Next, this finance vision board is feminine, calming, and extremely motivating.

9. Wall Vision Board

man looking at the wall

What if your vision took up an entire wall? How inspiring to work or wake up to your highest goals and dreams every day!

10. Make Your Own Vision Board Book

Etsy kit

This do-it-yourself book has stunning images. It’s a custom way to create your own board. And you’ll have no problem envisioning yourself in the photos!

40 Finance Vision Board Ideas

What should be on a money vision board? Here are excellent ideas to consider!

Money Vision Board Ideas

*Know the key difference between rich vs wealthy to help!

Work & Business Vision Board Ideas

vision board ideas for business goals
  • Get your dream job
  • Add more value to your customers
  • Specific targets for revenue, products, and key indicators
  • Pay off business debt
  • Develop a business plan to follow through on your vision
  • Improve profit margins
  • Re-invest in the business
  • Work hours and culture
  • What types of projects you want to pursue
  • What your office looks like and where it’s located
  • Earn an award or recognition
  • Build better communication practices

See more specific vision board ideas for your business >>

Personal Development Goals

These ideas boost both your personal life and professional life together.

The Results of Wealth Building

While it’s important to focus on the actions that bring you security and wealth, don’t forget to include the exciting part!

What will your improved financial position bring? Will you smile more? Buy your dream house? When the going gets tough, you’ll need these “why” answers to be ready!

vision board for money: travel places
  • Time with your family
  • Travel
  • Give more to causes you believe in
  • Own your dream house
  • Own your dream car
  • Explore a new career path or project
  • Take extended time off

Need help narrowing down your ideas? Try asking yourself specific financial questions to make it clearer.

Quick Money Vision Board Checklist

Now that you have great examples and ideas, go through this quick checklist. It ensures your board is ready for action.

business vision board template checklist for money

~My financial goals are specific and defined.

~My goals force me to stretch my limits.

~My images match my goals and are inspiring to me.

~I add powerful affirmations, financial freedom quotes, and positive words to amplify my vision.

~My money dream board is in a location I pass often.

~I mentally see myself following through on the actions of my board.

~I spend time each day visualizing with my dream board.

~When I visualize, I get as detailed as possible and use multiple senses.

To Consider With Your Financial Vision Board

what is at the top of your money vision board?

While a vision board isn’t a “magic pill” to accomplishing everything you want, it’s the first step to clarifying and focusing your life. Besides, how can you know what your heart desires if you never stop to think about it?

What goals are you longing to accomplish? Leave a comment and let us know what’s on your money vision board this year.

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