15 Must-Try No Spend Weekend Ideas You’ll Want to Do All the Time

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You might be tight on cash, but you don’t have to be low on fun! These no spend weekend ideas deepen connections and help you relax. Plus, they don’t cost a thing!

1. Take a Sunset Nature Walk or Hike

Explore local parks, trails, or nature reserves and spend the weekend out in the sunshine.

If you’re an early riser, a sunrise walk is also breathtaking.

2. Picnic in the Park

Pack homemade snacks or meals and a blanket. Then, enjoy lounging, playing, and walking at a nearby park with your family.

3. Host an Epic Marathon or Tournament

board game marathon for no spend weekend ideas

This idea is flexible to whatever your interests are.

  • Movie marathon
  • TV show marathon
  • Board game tournament
  • Video game tournament
  • Pickleball tournament (I’ve done this. It’s awesome!)

Go all out and make a bracket if you’d like!

4. Find the Stillness

Many people in today’s society are not comfortable with being alone. Without stimulus. For even 5 minutes.

Get to know yourself through journaling, meditation, prayer, and visualization. Record your most beautiful hopes and dreams. Sit long enough that you can hear the whispers of your inner voice.

These cost nothing and they are the most authentic experiences a human can have.

5. Read The Books

You know, the ones you’ve been meaning to read for forever. But you’re always too busy. Make them a priority this weekend.

6. Take nature photos

Use your phone to take the most beautiful nature photos you can. Then, set them as your phone and computer backgrounds to enjoy year-round.

Turn it into a game with your family and vote on the best photo.

7. Host a Unique Cook-Off

To keep from spending, you can only use ingredients you already have. Vote on who made the best food when you’re done!

8. Spruce Up Your Living Spaces

man moving furniture

I’ve always felt that by just moving furniture around, you can liven up an old space. Re-arrange your bedroom, living room, or any other room that needs a bit of life.

9. Take a Virtual Museum Tour

These became much more popular during COVID. Now, you can explore art, history, or science museums online through virtual tours and exhibits.

10. Have a DIY Spa Day

Clean out your drawers while you’re at it.

Pamper yourself with homemade facemasks, manicures, and relaxation at home. Using stuff you already have!

11. Declutter Your Home

Mess = stress.

So, spend your no buy weekend decluttering your living space, closets, or digital files. You’ll love how fresh and clean the space feels when you’re done!


12. Work Out in the Garden

Gardening connects you to nature, provides fresh air and sunshine, and is great light exercise. If you can’t get outside, care for your indoor plants.

13. Repair Something That’s Been Nagging You

Chances are good that you already have the supplies needed to fix something in your home. Now’s the time to tackle a small home improvement project you’ve been putting off.

14. Workout at Home

Practice yoga, cardio, or strength training exercises at home using online videos or apps.

15. Plan Future Adventures

It’s costs zero to dream. But research shows that having something to look forward to provides a major happiness boost (source).

Research and plan future trips or activities that make you excited without spending money now.

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