5 Money Moves I Made In May

Hi friend! Once a month I’m highlighting ways I saved, earned, and invested in the hopes we all learn and share. You will be able to see these, and much more in our Weekly Wealthy Woman (the fun newsletter!)

Here are 5 money moves I made this month. Some took as little as 2 minutes. And others much longer.

1. I Recommended A Book

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Best books about money mindset to help you build wealth

Why does money talk have to be so taboo?

I recommended The Psychology of Money to three different women. All of whom enjoyed it. The conversations that flowed were a wonderful learning opportunity for all of us.

Sharing thoughts and ideas reminds us that there are many different ways to succeed. And we all can in our own unique way!

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2. I Stocked The Freezer

freezer bag with chicken in it

I bought the supplies and my mom (thanks mom!) helped with putting together some freezer meals. Now, we have one easy weeknight meal a week to look forward to.

And this saves us hundreds of dollars in eating out over the span of a few months.


3. I Took A Financial Education Course

I wanted to serve you better, as well as prove trustworthy in the industry. So, I took and passed the Financial Educator Course this month. It was an investment in both time and money for the future.


4. I Added Liquid Net Worth

liquid net worth examples of assets chart

After writing the article on what liquid net worth is, I spent 2 minutes adding the simple formula to our family’s total net worth spreadsheet.

It was SO interesting to see this number. And now I know the exact amount we can count on in case of emergencies or if we want to take advantage of an investment opportunity.

5. I Did Research

My 11-year-old has been wanting to invest. And I would love to get him and his sister started over the summer.

Unfortunately, it requires prep work that I’ve been stalling on. So, this month the goal was to sit down and start. Action is better than inaction, even if it is small!

From 20 minutes of research, here’s what I learned:

  • Many options offer a debit card, but we aren’t ready for that yet.
  • Greenlight looks interesting, but I’m not ready to do a monthly subscription.
  • Opening a custodial account would be the easiest course. Plus, it seems to be the only free option. But will it require the kids to have large amounts to invest? I need to investigate further in June.


What Money Moves Did You Make This Month?

core values worksheet pdf printable

Did you…

There are many ways to make a great money move! Share in the comments and let us know!

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