25 Best Money Saving Games For Adults & Kids (Free Printables)

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How to Make Saving Fun!

There are lots of reasons people find it hard to save. Sometimes, it’s difficult. Other times it’s as boring as watching paint dry. Saving can feel like drudgery. Luckily, it doesn’t have to!

Use these fun money saving games for adults and kids to fill your bank account faster than you can say “let the games begin!” You’ll save loads more once you enjoy the process. So get that champagne ready!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

– Chinese Proverb

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Best Money Saving Games For Adults

First, these money games are for adults, but many can be done with kids, teens, or as a family as well.

1. Tic Tac Save

Financial literacy money saving games: tic tac save

For this game, you need someone to play against you. First, find a piece of paper. Then, create a tic tac toe board. Write numbers within the board indicating what you will save each time.

As you hit a number, you put your x or o on the spot. The first person to get tic-tac-save wins!

2. The 1% or $1 rule

In the bestseller Atomic Habits, author James Clear explores the fact that a simple 1% daily improvement leads to being 37 times better in the course of a year. It proves the point that small, consistent tweaks lead to massive savings over time.

So, challenge yourself to add 1% to savings every day, or simplify it to $1 a day or week.

3. Save in a Jar

money jar for the penny savings challenge

A simple, yet effective way to save is to create a game out of saving in a jar. Perhaps you make a “swear jar” or a rule that every time you spend $20 you have to put $1 in. Or create a competition with your family to see how fast you can save for an upcoming event.

However you use it, a jar is a wonderful visual to show your progress.

4. The Pantry Challenge

saving stats, savings challenge for 30 day calendar

Next, challenge yourself to cook meals using only ingredients you already have for a week. This helps you save money on groceries and reduce food waste. Or see how long you can go with outside-the-box meals!

Try a no spend pantry challenge >>

5. The 10x rule

Why not think bigger? 10x bigger. We all often play small. No one wants to fail. But keeping our dreams to a bare minimum keeps us from our true potential.

Instead, open the doors to your most audacious dreams. Get inspired and get to work with a goal that makes your heart beat faster.

10x your current saving goal or decide to meet your goal in half the time. Decide that your life doesn’t need limits.

Free Printable Money Saving Games

These money saving game printables will get you moving – and best of all they’re free!

6. Money Games: Bingo

This financial bingo game gives you clear, actionable steps to a brighter future.

Free printable Bingo: spending and saving money games

7. Vacation Savings Challenge

Dreaming of that drink in your hand and sand between your toes? This free vacation printable will help you start saving for your next getaway, without it feeling like a chore.

vacation savings challenge: free printable tracker

Pro Tip: Keep track of family savings goals together! Using a free pdf like the one above gives your whole family a visual of what you’re saving for.

8. Board Game of Actions

In this free money saving board game, do each action to move forward in the game.

free printable money board games for adults

Pro Tip: Before you start, decide on a small treat or reward for finishing the game. You’ll look forward to your simple delight as you make progress.

Printables #8-10 are ALL available for FREE in the resource library! Sign up here:

9. Money Saving Numbers Board Game

Free printable saving money games for adults, kids, family

Or use this version that includes numbers to save in order to continue.

10. Financial Learning Scavenger Hunt

Financial scavenger hunt learning literacy, saving money games
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This financial literacy game for adults is a little different. As someone who has built net worth and income over time, I can’t emphasize the power of learning enough.

Often, in order to do better, you need to know better. Making learning a part of your life will get you there.


11. 30-Day Minimalism Challenge

30 day minimalism declutter challenge for 2023

This popular minimalism challenge turns the act of decluttering your space into a game. You’ll free up focus, energy, space, AND earn quick money if you choose to resell items!

12. Penny or Nickel A Day Challenge

Free penny challenge chart pdf

Great for beginners, these money challenges start with just one penny or one nickel. Add each day, and you’ll be stunned by how much you save by the end.

13. Low or No Spend Challenge

No spend challenge pdf for fun spending and saving money activities and games

Drop your excess spending by committing to a short or long-term spending challenge. These free printables help you out during a no spend week or month.

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14. 30 Day Savings Challenge

free pdf 30 day $1000 money challenge for 4 weeks

If you’re looking to set excellent new long-term habits, try this 30 day saving challenge that gives you specific actions to try.

Other Unique Ways to Make Saving Fun (Adults)

15. Raise Your Income Challenge

how to boost your income, increase salary

While most financial gurus go on and on about saving, they often miss an important factor. How much you earn is often the most impactful way to save more money.

Look at it this way, making $300 extra is probably easier than cutting $300 worth of coupons.

16. Cash only week

best cash envelope categories to have: 5 examples list

Next, make saving more fun AND more real. Take out your budget in bills and separate it out into cash envelopes. Once you spend it, the money’s all gone!

17. Make a Bet or Do a Side Challenge With a Friend

Adding community to your money saving efforts will almost always help you save more. So, try one of these fun ways to spark friendly competition:

  • Stuff Selling Showdown: Clean out your house and host a garage sale or sell things online. Whoever earns the most money wins.
  • Classic Cook-off: Instead of a regular potluck, challenge your friends to create a dish based only on the ingredients they have at home. Vote on the winning dish!
  • Free Fitness: See which one of your friends can most creatively get a stellar workout in for free.
  • Date challenge: Great dates don’t have to cost a dime. Challenge another couple to see which one of you can make a fantastic date night for cheap.
  • Garden-to-Table Challenge: Grow your own fruits, vegetables, or herbs at home and see if you can make an entire meal from your backyard.

18. Stack the Chips

Each time you save a certain amount ($5), add a chip to your stack. You’ll feel motivated looking at your chip count and it will make saving fun. Not into chips? Try marbles, paperclips, etc.

make your progress visual for lasting savings habits

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Money Saving Games to Help Teach Kids

Fun Online Money Saving Games

Next, so much of our finances are online these days. Use money kids games for online learning as well.

19. U.S. Mint Games

A variety of different games are provided by the U.S. Mint to teach the basics.

20. Peter Pigs Money Counter

Kids practice identifying, counting, and saving. After, kids get to go on a trip to a virtual store to buy accessories within their budget (and dress up Peter Pig).

21. Financial Football – great for teens!

This is an interactive computer football game that requires players to answer personal finance questions. Visa sponsors it and makes it as though you’re playing a video game.

22. Financial Soccer

The same concept as Financial Football, but better for soccer lovers.

Physical Kids Money Saving Games

23. Monopoly

Players compete to buy out neighborhoods, sell properties, charge rent, and grow an empire in the classic Monopoly game.

24. Pay Day (Money Saving Kids Games)

The player who has the most money at the end of the game wins! Players pay their bills, earn money, and can even make deals on property.

See Pay Day here >>

25. ATM Piggy Bank

Make saving fun with an ATM for a piggy bank! Kids use their own password to get into the vault.

The best way to teach kids money is to give them real-life practice! Check out our budgeting for kids article and how to teach kids to save for ideas on how.

What’s Next?

Now that you know plenty of games for saving money, choose one or two to pursue. And don’t forget to grab your free game printables!

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Game on!

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