50 Best Items To Resell: Flip For Profit in 2024

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Best Things to Resell & Flip For Profit

Resell items for profit if you are stressing about your bills, drowning in clutter, or ready to start a business. Either way, you’ll be switching from defense to offense.

So, start crafting a money making hobby or business you’re passionate about now. In 5 months, you’ll be so glad you did!

Below are the best things to resell and where to find them. Then, don’t miss key tips for buying and selling that will get your product moving quickly.

products you can buy cheap and sell high

Where To Buy Items To Resell

Reselling for profit begins the moment you say “I’ll buy it!” Here’s where to find your best deals.

Thrift Stores

Find unique, vintage, or high-quality items to resell at a fraction of their original price.

Garage & Estate Sales

Many people host these sales to declutter and sell unwanted items. Because of this, you can often find bargain prices on hidden gems.


These suppliers offer bulk quantities at discounted prices. Popular wholesale supplier directories include Globalsources, Alibaba, and SaleHoo.

Online Marketplaces

On online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace, find people selling used items, as well as auctions for wholesale lots or liquidation pallets.

Other Places to Find Hidden Treasures

  • Clearance sections
  • Flea markets
  • On the curb on trash day (or citywide trash pickup days)
  • Auctions and online auctions
  • Liquidation pallets (or websites like Liquidation and BULQ)
  • Your own stuff (or that of family members and friends)

Best Tips For Buying Resell Items

Your reselling profit depends hugely on the original price you pay. So, use these pro tips to make a killer profit on each item to sell.

tips for buying

Before You Buy:

  • Set alerts or a calendar to track products in your niche. Keep a regular eye out for new items.
  • Research online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon to get a feel for the average selling price for similar items.
  • Consider your timing. If it’s seasonal, stock up on your inventory before the season starts.
  • Follow the “Rare & Valuable Rule”. Look for limited editions, discontinued products, seasonal items, etc.
  • Popular brands are also lucrative because the demand is high.

My favorite advice from Warren Buffet is to invest in what you know. You resell faster and at a higher price if you understand your products and market.

As You Buy Resell Items:

  • Act quickly when you see a good deal
  • Inspect the condition and authenticity of each item
  • Negotiate if you know the seller is trying to get rid of an item or you are the only buyer.

Where to Sell Items To Resell

Here’s a great list of places to sell your items when you are ready to flip for profit.

DIY & Local

  • Garage sale, estate sale, local flea market
  • Facebook Marketplace – We’ve sold everything from cars to lawn equipment and baby clothes on this platform.
  • Swap Meets
  • Consignment Stores
Pros and cons best items to flip and resell online through amazon, ebay, etsy


Top 5 Best Items to Resell

First, these top items have high demand and are easy to flip, depending on your skills and knowledge.

1. Furniture

Furniture is especially great to resell if you enjoy painting, design, and you can do minor repairs. Take simple dressers and tables and flip them for hundreds more.

2. Lawn Equipment

Do you know how to fix things? Put your skills to great use and repair lawn mowers, snow blowers, leaf blowers, and more. Then, flip them for profit.

3. Kid & Baby Stuff

Kids require a lot of stuff! That means there will always be people looking for these items:

best things to buy and resell for profit: kids items

4. Electronics

With a decent technology background, you can make great money selling:

  • refurbished smartphones
  • laptops and ipads
  • gaming consoles

5. Hobby Gear

Next, people really get into their hobbies! You could have a niche profit business waiting to happen! Here are a few examples:

  • Photography: Sell gently used camera equipment from brands like Canon and Nikon.
  • Biking: Resell high-end bicycles from manufacturers like Trek or Cannondale.

More Great things to Flip

man holding money

6. Rare or Autographed Sports Memorabilia

7. Sports Equipment

  • Golf clubs
  • Snowboards
  • Bikes
  • Ski equipment

8. Tools

9. Shoes (Especially Limited Edition)

10. Vintage Clothing

11. High-end kitchen appliances and cookware

12. Fishing Gear

13. Unique & Handmade Jewelry

14. Event Supplies

  • Wedding decorations
  • Tablecloths
  • Party supplies
  • Event props

15. Designer Handbags

16. Luxury and vintage sunglasses

Designer brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci, or Oakley.

17. Rare and out-of-print books

good resell items and things to buy cheap and sell high, books

18. vintage home decor

19. Retro video games and consoles

Vintage games, rare editions, and complete collections will have the highest resale value.

20. Vinyl records and music memorabilia

21. LEGO sets

Especially complete sets of discontinued editions.

22. Fitness equipment

Things like:

  • Dumbbells
  • Fitness trackers and health monitors
  • Treadmills and other fitness machines
  • Exercise or yoga mats

23. Art: Best Things To Resell

Look for:

  • Original artwork and limited editions by well-known artists
  • Emerging artists (their art may appreciate in value)

24. Vintage cameras and photography equipment

25. Premium skincare, Fragrance, and beauty products

26. Pet Supplies

best cheap items to resell, products for pets, wholesale

27. Garden Accessories

Items like garden tools, planters, and decor are popular.

28. Home automation and smart devices

29. Vintage watches and timepieces

30. Craft supplies

Bulk crafting supplies like fabric and beads can be resold individually.

31. Kits

Turn your hobby into a money maker by creating kits. Buy items in bulk and then create cookie kits, crafting kits, and more to sell to beginners who want something pulled together for them.

32. Electronic Accessories

  • Phone and iPad cases
  • Chargers
  • Headphones or AirPods
  • Car phone holders

*Look for accessories that work with Apple and Samsung.

33. Office Supplies

Quality office chairs, desks, computer stands, or organization products.

34. Musical Instruments

35. Board games and puzzles (especially rare editions)

Look for vintage or rare board games in excellent condition.

man playing board game

36. Retro and vintage electronics

  • Cassette players
  • Typewriters
  • Vinyl record players

37. Holiday Decor

38. Vintage Toys

Nostalgic or limited edition toys from popular brands like LEGO, Transformers, or Barbie are often in demand among collectors.

39. Comic Books

40. Candles

Weird But True Edition: Items to Resell

Some of these are odd, while others are just things you don’t often think about!

woman holding flowers

41. Rare Or Exotic Pets

*You need expertise and permits

42. Mattresses

Sharetown is a business that handles oversized product returns, like mattresses. If you are willing to pickup and clean them, you can re-list for sale again.

43. Farmer’s Market Produce

Turn seeds into produce, plants, or flowers and then flip at your local market.

44. Scrap Metal

45. Trading or Gaming Cards

Find rare cards or packs and then turn them into profit.

  • Pokemon Cards
  • Yugioh Cards
  • Sports Cards
  • Magic Cards

Best Big Ticket Items To Resell

Finally, these items have the potential to turn for quick and large profits. But beware! They are also riskier and often require more cash to start.

man paying for house

46. Event Tickets

Buying tickets to an event (concerts, sports, theater) far ahead of time and then selling closer to the event time is a common way that people resell for profit.

47. Vehicles

With the right expertise, you can flip classic cars, motorcycles, and more.

48. Websites

In the online world, building a website and then selling it can lead to thousands.

49. Real Estate

Flipping real estate has been around for many years. If you spot a fixer upper and you know how to make it shine, you can have a lucrative flipping business.

50. Stocks

And finally, it’s also possible to flip stocks – by buying low and selling high. Though, be aware that good investing statistics show you’ll make a better profit with a buy and hold strategy.

*Learn how to invest with $500 >>

Flipping For Beginners: Making A Profit

Now that you know the best things to resell, let’s learn how to make maximum profit on them.

woman packaging products

Shipping Costs:

Shipping across the country (or ocean) will eat away at profits. If you offer free shipping, understand how much this will cost you.

Shipping costs include:

  • Packaging materials
  • Postage fees
  • Insurance you might need


If you plan to resell many items, take into account the space you will need. Use a basement or garage if you can, instead of paying for storage.

Fees and Expenses

Factor in the fees involved in reselling items. Many websites charge listing and selling fees. If you choose a local spot, you may have to pay a monthly rental charge.

Know Your Profit Margin

woman with arms in the air, smiling

Your profit margin is the difference between your selling price and the total cost of the item (purchase price, fees, expenses)

Profit Margin = (Selling Price – Total Costs) / Selling Price x 100

If you paid $50 for an item + $10 in fees and then sold it for $100, your profit margin would be 40%.

Try to strike a balance between a competitive price and a comfortable profit margin.

How to Resell Things Fast

Next, use the best principles of marketing to get the price you want for your Items!

marketing tips for best items to resell and flip fast

Best Listing and Selling Tips For Quick Flipping

In this section, learn other elements that improve your process and boost your profits.

Take Quality Photos

Presentation is key! Make sure you have:

  • Excellent lighting
  • Multiple angles
  • A clean uncluttered background (white works well!)
  • Clear, detailed images
best items to resell for profit featured image

Great pictures draw in your potential customer and give them confidence that your product is of good quality.

Pro Tip: Take a few minutes to clean up the item before taking photos. It’s simple, but effective!

Write Compelling Descriptions

Craft a description for your item that is clear, informative, and concise.

  • List all features and specifications
  • Give creative ideas for ways to use the item
  • Be honest about the item’s condition (mention flaws and wear)
  • Use bullet points for easy reading

Price Competitively

Potential customers love a good deal. So, while you should work from your profit margin, also consider offering free shipping, occasional timed sales, or bundling discounts to attract attention.

Pro Tip: Join Facebook groups dedicated to reselling and ask others for pricing insights.

Use The Right Keywords

Use the right keywords: flipping for beginners: good resale items

Much of online selling is up to knowing what people search for. So, go to your marketplace’s search bar and do a few searches. See what the site auto fills. Then, utilize these keywords in your description.

Utilize Multiple Platforms

If you only use one platform to sell your items, you are probably missing out on a lot of profit. Consider using 1-3 different platforms to resell items. This allows you to access a much wider audience.

Also, use social media to showcase your products and engage potential buyers.

Build Your Brand

Building a brand is about attracting customers that will return to you again and again. It’s much easier to sell to someone who has already bought from you! When it comes to a strong brand identity, give your customers more than they could ever expect from you.

For an amazing buyer experience:

Best things to resell, good resale items, make the buyer experience great

Pay Attention To Trends & Timing

Stay updated on the latest trends in your niche. This takes research and paying attention, but it ensures that you are offering what people want. Also, if your items are seasonal, get in early.

Stay Active

Finally, refresh your offerings as often as you can with new and unique items. Buyers like to see an array of products that feel exciting as they peruse the store.

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Common Q&As For Best Resell Items

What are the best items you can buy and sell in bulk?

Here are the 5 best in bulk items to resell individually:

  • jewelry
  • phone accessories
  • candles
  • plants
  • snacks, candy, drinks

What are the best items to resell from thrift stores?

woman looking at clothes

Here are the 5 best items to look for in thrift stores:

  • Name brand clothing, accessories, shoes
  • Furniture
  • Vintage games (make sure the pieces are all there) and toys
  • Vintage glasses, bowls, silverware, crystal
  • Maternity clothes

What is the most profitable item to flip?

The answer isn’t black and white. It depends on your interests, market trends, seasonal timing, and how the overall economy is doing.

What is thrift flipping?

“Thrift flipping” is a term used when you buy low at the thrift store and then resell for a profit.

How Do You Find the Best Items to Resell At Thrift Stores?

  • Time Your Trips. Often, thrift stores put out new items on certain days or times of day.
  • Deep dive into learning about specific items. Become an expert in them. You will be able to specialize in a particular niche.
buy cheap low and sell high, flipping for beginners

What’s Next?

Remember, it’s up to the time and effort you put in. You can make big bucks reselling items, but it requires you to put in the work and become an expert in your niche.

There are many ways to earn more income in today’s world. Check out these articles for more help!

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