5 Money Moves I Made in August

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Hi friend! Once a month I’m highlighting ways I saved, earned, and invested in the hopes we all learn and share. You will be able to see these, and much more in our Weekly Wealthy Woman (the fun newsletter!)

Here are 5 money moves I made this month.

1. We Picked a Nature Vacation

Colorado mountain views

We took our kids to Colorado in August. And one thing I’m learning as I get older is that I LOVE nature vacations. Partly it’s because natural beauty makes me happy.

But also, compared to overpriced amusement parks, a Rocky Mountain park pass for one vehicle is an insanely cheaper option. I’ll take that trade-off (along with the fresh mountain air and life giving views) every time.

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2. We Saved on Travel Food

One of the other biggest costs of traveling as a family is food.

For our last several vacations, we rented an Airbnb or Vrbo so that we have a kitchen. These tend to be similar in price to a hotel, and have more space for a family of 5.

The first stop in Colorado was a grocery store. We bought amazing high-quality food, cooked it ourselves, and saved at least half of what we would have dining out. The food was better. And way healthier too.

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3. I Learned About Investing in Others

This month, my husband’s work team flew into Kansas City for a two-and-a-half-day summit. It’s normally a virtual work environment, so this is sometimes the only way people see each other face-to-face. He organized it and we hosted dinner one night at our home.

investing in others
  • It costs us personal money (We buy wine, he gave presenters a book gift, etc.)
  • It costs us time (Clean, organize, cover routine responsibilities, and make sure the kids don’t destroy the house once it’s clean)

But both times I’ve been stunned by the reaction. His team is warm, generous, and deeply appreciative. It’s obvious they love feeling a part of something bigger.

They see our kids. We hear about their families, their cities, and their lives. And once they left, I realized that my husband understands something vital that is often lost in today’s digital world:

Investing in others is a beautiful and rewarding way to live. Make people feel seen. Let them know their happiness matters, and they will return all your efforts in kind.

So, when you’re thinking about your future investments, don’t forget about this kind too 🙂

4. I Bought Books

stack of books

I know, I know. I’m always buying books. But I truly believe that books are the cheapest investments available. For $15, you can get a new idea or perspective that changes your life.

Also, it wasn’t until I ramped up my reading that the business took off. Coincidence? I really don’t think so.

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5. Family Photos

family picture outside

And lastly, we got family photos this month! But instead of paying hundreds of dollars, we opt for a local lady who charges $85 for, get this…..5 minutes. That means my family holds it together for less time than it takes to eat a snack. And then we go play.

We save money. We save sanity. And we still get family pictures we love. It’s a genius business model if you ask me!

What money moves did you make this month?

Did you…

There are many ways to make a great money move!

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