February Money Moves: Birthdays & Budgets

monthly money moves

Hi friend! Once a month I’m highlighting real-life ways I saved, earned, and invested in the hopes we all learn and share.

Here are 5 money moves I made this month.

1. I Wrote a Heartfelt Note

money moves February cards

My hubby’s birthday is today. Instead of running out to buy an expensive card (and 3 impulse purchases), I wrote him a heartfelt note in a cheap card pack.

A pack like this is great for if you’re in a pinch or your recipient isn’t that into cards.

2. I Scheduled & Prepped for Taxes

Tax season is by far my least favorite season. I finally found an accountant last year, but gosh it still stinks. I laughed out loud at a tax commercial the other day. Tax Act’s tagline was “let’s get them over with.” For real. It’s like they know me.

The tax appointment is Friday and I’m as ready as I’ll be.

3. We Leaned on Freezer Meals This Month

The kids were home a lot again in February and we struggled with sickness on and off. The stash of freezer meals kept us from eating out at least 3 times.

Thankful Thursday sloppy joes freezer meal

I’ve also relied on the Instant/Crock Pot a ton! Wednesday nights we have activities for two kids at the same time. So, I’ve been putting soup in before we leave. The Instant Pot keeps it warm after it’s done cooking, and we come home to a delicious soup that night. Another takeout save!

4. Budget Check-In

I completely forgot to do the monthly budget check-in. And I put it off for weeks. So, yesterday I forced myself to sit down for 15 minutes to give our expenses last month a once over.

5. Pivoting the Business

My business is largely based on search traffic – which has become a moving target. So, this month I invested in Facebook Ads, tried new things, and forced myself to keep an open mind about new directions. Honestly, this has been difficult. But, in business, you have to adapt. And adapting is a choice I can make.

*Next month, I hope to do some spring decluttering!

What Money Moves Did You Make This Month?

Did you…

money moves of the month

There are many ways to make a great money move! Share in the comments and let me know!

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  1. I’m new to “wealthywomanfinance” and want to say how much I’m enjoying it! I read through everything I’m sent. I’ve started 2 money saving challenges- one is for Christmas gift buying and the second is for an upcoming vacation. I’ve also cut down on spending. Next up is a “smart” get out of debt plan. (We had a huge unexpected expense!) Thanks and keep the info coming!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Candy! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. Would you mind if I shared with email readers? It’s inspiring to see other people doing the challenges and working to save. I’d love to feature you!