March Money Moves – Texas Roadtrip & Taxes

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Hi friend! Once a month I highlight 5 real-life ways I saved, earned, and invested.

Here are the money moves this month:

1. I Packed Plenty of Food on The Roadtrip

For spring break, we ventured from Kansas City to Dallas and Austin, Texas. While I don’t mind eating out and trying fun restaurants, I was also determined not to eat out for every meal. So, I put in a little effort beforehand to ensure my family had decent food with us.

This is cheaper, but also much healthier.

  • Basic lunch stuff for travel days. Everyone chose between turkey sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly, along with carrots & hummus, veggie straws, and fruit.
  • Snacks for in the car. You can buy the same thing at the gas station, but you’ll pay 3x the price.
  • Pre-made granola and an egg casserole. I brought this for the 3 mornings we weren’t in a free breakfast hotel.

2. We Did Things for Cheap or Free in Texas

We paid for the Dallas Aquarium but otherwise chose free activities that only required parking fees. We didn’t have much time in each city, and our kids’ ages vary by 7 years – so coming up with activities everyone enjoys is sometimes a challenge.

It turns out, there’s a shocking number of things to see that don’t cost a dime!

march money moves - Texas Roadtrip
  • We walked around downtown Dallas, checking out the giant Eyeball, AT&T headquarters, and Dealey Plaza (where Kennedy was shot).
  • We visited 3 different parks between the two cities. The coolest was the Children’s Park in Austin.
  • We walked through the Austin Public Library (spectacular!) and down the Colorado River to check out the “bat” bridge.

3. I Maxed Out My Retirement For 2023

After doing my taxes in March, I put in the max for what I could based on my income last year. I pay fewer taxes by doing this. Plus, I give myself the gift of compound interest for my retirement too.

(You have until April 15th to add to retirement still!)

4. I Gave Up Alcohol This month

My hubby and I did a “dry March.” This has saved $200-$300 for the month between the two of us.

5. I Did Better With Throwing Away Food

At the beginning of March, I got frustrated at how much food I was throwing out of our fridge. We kept forgetting about what was in there!

So, I made a much bigger effort this month to freeze leftovers and keep food in the front where we can see it. This helped a lot!

What Money Moves Did You Make This Month?

Did you…

money moves of the month

There are many ways to make a great money move! Share in the comments and let me know!

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