Free Disney Vacation Savings Chart Trackers (+How to Save)

Free printable Disney savings trackers challenge for vacation

There’s nothing quite like the Disney magic – the imagination and creativity you find there is thrilling. But it’s also expensive.

Most trips of a lifetime are!

These Disney savings chart trackers make the entire process fun. Plus, you’ll learn how to save for a Disney vacation without sacrificing an arm or a leg.

How to Save for a Disney Vacation

How to save for a Disney vacation, trackers and charts

1. Research prices. You need to get a clear idea of expenses. So, set aside this time first. Use the free calculator on the vacation savings challenge to add it all together.

Find out about:

  • Tickets to the Parks
  • Plane or Car travel
  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Souvenirs

2. Set a specific goal. Understand how much you’ll need to save each week or month. This will depend on how long you’ll be there, what you want to do, and how much time you have to save.

3. Open a separate savings account that’s solely for your Disney vacation. This helps you track your progress. Plus you won’t be as likely to spend money that’s meant for your trip.

4. Get your family on board! Sit down to talk about the goal. Make it a fun team effort. Discuss how everyone will help.

5. Use the free pdfs below to mark your progress.

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5 Top Tips for Saving For Disney

These savings strategies help you get the most bang for your buck.

1. Create an automatic transfer

One straight from your checking account to your Disney fund if you can. You are paying yourself first in the form of this amazing trip.

2. Go through your home

This home declutter checklist will ensure you get every room. Then, have a garage sale or sell items online. You’d be surprised at how much money you can make.

3. Direct all extra $$$ to your Disney fund

Tax refunds, birthday gifts, overtime – make sure you’re funneling these into your dream trip.

4. Cook at home

This is a great way to teach your kids how money works. Explain that by saving on eating out now, you’ll be able to use the money toward your trip.

5. Enjoy Disney movie nights at home

Instead of spending money going out. It will get your family pumped up for the upcoming trip and save on activities now.

Find more great activities on a budget >>

6. Take your money out in cash

Try a Cash-Only Challenge. For a set period, switch to a cash-only spending approach. This will help with spending habits and ensure you’re putting everything you want into your Disney Fund.

7. Make a DIY Disney Fund Jar

Decorate a jar as your Disney fund container. Whenever you resist an impulse purchase, place the money you would have spent into the jar. Let the kids contribute money too!

8. Try a saver app

If you’re struggling to save for the trip, try an app that rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar. They save your spare change. These micro-savings add up!

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9 Big Ways to Save on the Trip Itself

These tips come straight from Jessica Daniels, a travel agent expert!

Aladdin's lamp blowing smoke

1. Keep a sharp eye out for discounts and promotions

Plan enough in advance that you can monitor travel and park deals.

2. Purchase Disney gift cards from Sam’s or Costco

(they are a few dollars cheaper there)

Using gift cards will also help you stick to your budget in the parks–once you’re out of cards, you’re out of money that day!

  • Target red card also has 5% off.
  • Ask for Disney gift cards for birthdays, holidays, special occasions etc, and save up!

3. Consider booking your trip during off-peak times

You’ll save money and fight fewer crowds.

Mid-week visits can also be less expensive than weekends.

4. Choose Experiences over Souvenirs

Make DIY versions of costumes, autograph books, plushies, shirts, ears, etc. before the trip or buy outside the park before you arrive at the park. Either way, set a hard budget and stick to it.

Pro Tip: There are outlet stores in the Orlando area, plus Walmart and Target have large Disney (and Universal) sections. 

5. Use Reward points

Don’t forget about reward points you have accumulated for hotels or airfare.

6. Check out multi-day passes

They often offer a better value per day.

7. Consider lodging off-site

Value resorts are just as much fun and magical as luxury properties. And many nearby hotels offer shuttle services to the parks.

8. Pack your own snacks, water, and even a picnic lunch

Park food is expensive. Coolers are allowed, so cut the costs by bringing what you can with you.

9. Meet & Greets

If traveling with littles, there are plenty of Meet and Greet options around the parks without paying extra for expensive sit-down character dining (they won’t notice the difference!).

More Pro Hacks & Park Tips

  • Popcorn bucket is the best value for the price + discounted refills
  • Cups of ice water are FREE at any Quick Service restaurant
  • Celebration pins are FREE
  • You can order kids meals at quick service for a better price and enough to eat.
  • The balloons are NOT worth it ($25) + you’ll have to carry it around the park all day!
  • Park Hopper is not necessary. Focus on one park a day, move at a slower pace and enjoy!

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” 

Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

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Stay Motivated to Save for Disney

Aside from using the free Disney savings trackers to break down your goal and track your progress, you can also:

Make a Disney dream board

Create a poster of the things you want to do most.

Follow Disney-related Stuff

Disney blogs, social media accounts, or forums share savings success stories or tips. Their experiences can inspire and motivate you.

Reward Yourself

Make a fun Disney-related treat once you’ve hit the halfway mark.

Don’t beat yourself up

Life happens. Your savings progress won’t always be linear. Adjust as needed, stay flexible, and keep going.

Put the trackers on your fridge or another high-traffic place in your home.

Believe you can, then you will.

– Mulan (Princess Stories)

Free Disney Savings Trackers Pdfs

Simple Disney Vacation Savings Chart

Disney vacation savings tracker free chart pdf to color in

This first pdf is perfect for teaching young kids to save! Divide your savings goal out into 27 Mickey Mouses (round if it works better). Then, color in each Mickey as you reach your next saving milestone.

Pro Tip: You can also print two or three copies to make each individual savings goal smaller.

Free Disney Savings Tracker Chart

Disney savings challenge chart free pdf printable for vacation budget planner

For this free Disney savings tracker, divide out your savings goal into 17 boxes (again, you can round). Then, as you hit each milestone, mark your box with an X.

10 Inspiring Disney Fund Name Ideas

Stick a fun name on your jar or your savings account name. Most online banks let you do this easily.

  1. Disney Adventures Await
  2. Mickey, Here We Come
  3. Fairytale Fund
  4. Enchanted Experiences
  5. Castle Cash
  6. Wish Upon a Savings
  7. Space Mountain Money
  8. Princess Party
  9. Star Wars Stash
  10. Dole Whip Dollas

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