365 Day Quarter Savings Challenge 2024 (Free Printable Pdf)

30 day quarter challenge free printable, monthly savings

The quarter savings challenge and free printables are great for visual motivation! Save close to $100, $600, or even over $16,000 depending on how easy or hard you take this challenge.

What is the quarter challenge?

The quarter challenge is simple. And it turns saving from “impossible” to “yahoo! Look at me go!”

Here’s how you do the basic plan.

This is the easiest version to keep track of, but keep reading for fun variations.

Save $.25 x the number of months. It’s the same amount every day of the month.

For example:

Month 1: Every day, you’ll save .25 a day. It’s a great “soft” way to build momentum.

Month 2: Every day, you’ll save ($.25 x 2) = $.50 a day

Month 3: ($.25 x 3) = $.75 every day

At the end of a year, you’ll have around $590 in your pocket (depending on the months you do, and how many days are in them)

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Benefits of the Quarter Savings Challenge

This challenge is unique and comes with great money savings benefits!

It is Very Doable

The quarter challenge will stretch you, but it is also doable if your budget is tight. It is an excellent “middle of the road.” The daily amounts are small and manageable.

It is Very Flexible

The basic quarter challenge is just one variation of many. If you want to save more or less, keep reading for ways to make it custom to you.

It Is Family Friendly

The quarter challenge works well with families because even kids can add quarters. You can also use it to teach kids budgeting and money management.

It Makes Saving Fun

This challenge is great if you love to see your money grow visually. And who doesn’t?

Turn a hard thing into a savings game and you’ll forget how hard it is!

You Are Creating A Habit

The BEST benefit of any money challenge is that you build a savings practice. This is a gift you give yourself!

How to Do The Quarter Challenge

How to do the quarter challenge for 52 weeks or 30 days, 25 cent rules with kids

You can also do this challenge digitally. Open or name a separate savings account online and deposit every day or week. Then, watch your money grow!

Quarter A Day Saving Challenge:

365 days quarter savings challenge chart and tracker for 7 months

This infographic shows it as 30-day months, every month. In reality, each month varies. So your numbers will be slightly different depending on which month you start on.

After 30 days you will have $7.50. While that doesn’t seem like much, remember two things:

  • It grows larger and faster from there.
  • Getting to that point should be painless (which means you have no reason NOT to do it!)

Free Quarter Savings Challenge Chart

Grab your free quarter challenge chart tracker here. It’s a monthly chart so that you can write in exactly what you save each day. It’s also easier to keep track of this way.

30 day quarter challenge free printable, monthly savings

Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” -P.T. Barnum

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Savings Strategies for the Quarter Challenge

Here are 20 quick ways to find your quarters and dollars:

1. Try a pantry challenge to help you use up old food.

2. Check your jacket, coat, and jeans pockets. Don’t forget about the couch and your coin purse too!

3. Pick up a “piece of junk.” Fix it up and resell it as a beautiful new treasure.

4. Have your kids contribute. Let kids and teens make money and be part of the challenge.

5. Have a garage sale or sell something on Facebook marketplace.

6. Sell someone a gift card you are never going to use.

7. Dog sit, dog walk, or babysit.

8. Change your phone or internet. Put the difference in your savings jar.

9. Make a budget and track your spending.

10. Shop for something you need at the thrift store instead of a regular store. Save the change.

11. Give up buying greeting cards. Write your own heartfelt notes instead.

12. Learn how to stop buying so much stuff.

13. Wait for a sale on something you need.

14. Do an expense audit. How many subscriptions are you paying for that you don’t use?

15. Stop eating out as much. This is cheaper and healthier.

16. Do a no spend week or month challenge. Pocket the cash.

17. Switch grocery stores. One simple switch could save you hundreds.

18. Drop a TV streaming service for 3 months to see if you miss it.

19. Link your debit card to an app that rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar. It will save your spare change for you.

20. Save on gas money by walking, biking, or carpooling to where you need to go. (It’s healthier too!)

What To Do With Your Money, Honey

Now, this is the fun part!

best emergency fund money challenge and free tracker

What Can You Do With Your $$$?

Best Quarter Challenge Variations

Change the Amount Every Day of the Month

  • Save one quarter on day one.
  • Two quarters on day two, and so on.

Every day increases $.25 until you get to the end of the month. Start over every month.

While this may not seem like a fortune, saving $116.25 per month gives you an extra $1,395 by the end of 52 weeks. That’s a good amount considering it’s not a lot of work.

Add a Quarter Every Day for a Year

  • On Day 1, you save $.25 x 1
  • On Day 2, you save $.50

You keep adding a quarter a day for 365 days. The only difference between this and the one above is that you don’t start over every month. For a total year savings of over $16,700.

Grab that printable below:

Save a Quarter a Day for 365 Days

Save $.25 every day for a year (365 days) for a total savings of $91.25.

A Quarter Challenge Modification

Is it too hard to remember daily? Then add up the total you need by week or by month and save that way! For week one, you will need $1.75 if you’re doing the basic challenge.

Pro Tip: Pick a consistent day of the week (like Saturdays) to deposit your money!

Reverse Quarter Savings Challenge

You can do the challenge in exactly the same way but in reverse order. That means on the first day you will be saving $3. Then, go backward from there.

Great Ways to Stay Motivated For 365 Days

The traditional quarter challenge is for 52 weeks. Here are great ways to stay motivated that long.

free habit goal commitment card contract template, self discipline examples

*Make a money vision board to keep you going when you feel low.

*Utilize money mindset exercises to strengthen your mind.

*Try a 30 day declutter challenge to find things to sell.

*Fill out a commitment contract for accountability.

Q&As For The 52 Week Quarter Challenge

What if you don’t have that much change?

I get it. Coming up with that many quarters and dollars might seem crazy. Luckily, it’s easy to do this challenge digitally too. Set a timer on your phone to transfer the money to your online bank account consistently.

What if you want to save more or less?

You certainly can! The variation section of this article has ways to up your ante or lower the commitment. Regardless of what you choose, this money saving challenge can work for you!

What if you only have 30 days to do this?

Then, by all means, make a hard commitment for 30 days. Even 1 day is better than nothing. And it’s a start. Everyone has to start somewhere friend.

If you’re doing a 30 day challenge then choose the “Add a Quarter Every Day for a Year” variation where you multiply each day of the month by .25. For example, on day 18th, you’ll save .25 x 18 = $4.50.

Other Great Saving Challenges

These fun money challenges will also help you save:

Customize your own 26 week challenge chart for savings of $10,000 $20,000 or more

What’s Next?

The quarter challenge is about making progress. All it takes is to:

A. Start

B. Refuse to stop (Even on bad days. Even when you missed a day.)

Simple, but not always easy. Commit to do these two things and you’ve got this in the bag! You’ll be amazed at how far you go.

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