Free Penny Savings Challenge Printable: How To Save $600+

Free penny money saving challenge chart tracker printables

Are you looking to save money but need to start small? Or perhaps you want to make the most of your spare change?

The penny savings challenge and free printable are for you! Save over $600 in a year to use toward your emergency fund or beautiful money goals.

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Benefits of the Penny A Day Challenge

This challenge is unique and comes with great benefits for saving!

It is Very Doable

There are great money challenges on this site, but this is the best one if you are struggling to save or your budget is tight. Anyone can start by saving a penny!

It Is Family Friendly

It works well with families because even kids can contribute to adding a penny a day!

You can also use the penny saving challenge to teach kids budgeting and money management. It’s an amazing tool for showing the power of saving over time!

It Makes Saving Fun

woman saving for 365 days doing the 200 envelope challenge, 20k

Saving money consistently can be boring. But a challenge turns your “I should” statements into “I can’t believe I did that!” statements.

You Are Creating A Habit

Key Takeaway: Building a savings practice is the BEST benefit of any money challenge, and because this challenge is long, you will give yourself plenty of time to build the habit. And this, my friend, is how financial empires are started.

What Is The Penny Savings Challenge?

For this challenge, you start with just 1 penny and add by 1 penny each day for a year. That’s it! At the end of the year, you will have $667.95 in your pocket. (Or $671.61 in a leap year)

What You’ll Need

jar of pennies
  • A jar to start

Decorate it with your family to get everyone invested in this challenge!

How to Do The 365 Day Penny Savings Challenge

1 Penny Money Saving Challenge

  1. Have your fun jar ready
  2. Add your pennies each day
  3. Record your progress on your free penny challenge tracker
  4. Celebrate! You are a rockstar!

Note: You ADD one penny to your total each day. (So the number of pennies will go up each day).

How to do the penny challenge 1 p

After 7 days you will have 28 cents. While that doesn’t seem like much, remember two things:

  • It grows larger and faster from there.
  • Getting to that point should be completely painless (which means you have no reason NOT to do it!)

Here is a chart to help show what your first week will look like:

one penny every day for 365 days saving challenge with free printable

By your last week, your savings jar will have this:

penny a day savings challenge by week

And you are still only putting in $3.65 on the last day. That’s very doable!

Imagine if you saved just a little bit more than the basic penny too. You’d have a great nest egg with very little effort.

Free Penny Savings Challenge Chart

Grab your free penny challenge chart tracker here. Then keep reading for ways to find the extra change and what to do with your money.

Free penny money saving challenge chart tracker printables

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.  

Grab more free ways to make saving fun:

Ways to Find The Money

Here are 19 quick ways to find those pennies and coins!

family and kids saving in the penny a day challenge

1. Dig through your couches, car, junk drawer, and under the beds.

2. Check your jacket and coat pockets.

3. Empty out the coin purse.

4. Have your kids contribute from their piggy banks.

5. Have a yard sale or sell something on Facebook marketplace. (See: how to earn $300 fast)

6. Sell someone a gift card you are never going to use.

7. Dog sit, dog walk, or babysit.

8. Change your phone, internet, or tv plan. Save the difference in your jar.

9. Track your spending. Knowing exactly where your money is going will show you where you can cut back.

10. Do a no spend challenge for a day, week, or month.

Or Take cash out for your spending and then….

money jar for the penny savings challenge

1. Shop for something you need at the thrift store instead of a regular store. Save the change.

2. Make your next greeting card instead of buying it. Save the difference.

3. Refuse to buy something impulsively at the store.

4. Use up the food in your home before buying new food. Save what you would have spent at the store.

5. Wait for a sale on something you need. Put the difference in your jar.

6. Save on gas money by walking, biking, or carpooling to where you need to go. (It’s healthier too!)

7. Cook at home instead of eating out. This is almost always cheaper and healthier. Save the difference.

8. Use a coupon on something you would have bought anyway.

9. Use up what you have. Almost all of us have old wrapping paper, greeting cards, purses – you name it. And in most cases, there is nothing wrong with these, we have just grown tired of them.

Use up what you have and stop buying things new and then keep the change!

*For more specific ways to save, check out the 30 Day Money Saving Challenge. It has detailed ideas to get creative with saving.

Have a Plan For Your Money

Free printable debt tracker chart for your budget, make a plan

What Can You Do With Your $600+

Truly, the possibilities are endless!

If you are doing the challenge to help teach your kids, then let your family decide together how the money will be used.

*Make a money vision board to keep you motivated!

Fun Penny Saving Challenge Variations To Try

365 Day Penny Challenge with free printable tracker

A Penny Challenge Modification

Is it too hard to remember daily? Then add up the total you need by week or by month and save that way! For example, for week one, you will need 28 cents.

It is easiest to pick a consistent day of the week (like Sundays) to deposit your money!

Reverse Penny Savings Challenge

You can do this challenge in exactly the same way but in reverse order. That means on the first day you will be saving $3.65. Then, go backwards from there.

Save At Random For the Penny A Day Challenge

vacation savings challenge calculator and tracker

Would you prefer spontaneity? Use the tracker to mark off whatever number you wish each day.

Double The Penny Challenge

Are you confident that you can save more? Try doubling your penny for some of the days or adding extra when you can. For example, your challenge could look like this:

Day 1: 1 cent

Day 2: 12 cents (you had extra)

Day 3: 3 cents

Day 4: 6 cents (you had extra, so you doubled it)

What matters most is that you are saving each day. And if you can add a bit extra when you have it, that’s icing on the cake!

Or try the

Q And As For The Penny Savings Challenge

one penny every day adds up

How much is a penny a day for 365 days?

It is 66,795 pennies. Chances are that you will be using larger coins as you move through the challenge though.

What’s the most you save In A day In This Challenge?

The most you save in a day is the last day – $3.65.

What’s the most you save in a week in The Penny Challenge?

Your last week will be your highest amount. This will total $25.34.

How much is 1 cent doubled for 30 days?

If you were to start with a penny and double the amount every day for 30 days, you end up with $5,368,709.12. It is the power of compounding!

To Consider With The Penny A Day Challenge

The penny challenge has become extremely popular on TikTok, and for good reason. It is fun, visual, and realistic for any budget. I hope you snagged the free printable and enjoy the challenge. Leave a comment after and tell me how it went!

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