Free 6 Month Savings Challenge: Save $6,000+ in 2024

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This 6 month money savings challenge will be the catalyst you need to take charge of your money. Leave the worrying to someone else as you smile in awe of your bank account!

First, if you’re tired of spinning your wheels, consider this:

No More Holding Back

Leslie Odom Jr. is the award-winning actor who played Aaron Burr in the musical Hamilton. But before he became the star he is, no one was giving him callbacks. The constant rejection was getting to him. So, one day, he asked a person he admired to lunch. And shared that he was thinking about quitting.

His mentor’s reply was unexpected. He responded “You can quit. But I’d love to see you try first.”

This shocked Odom. He WAS trying. He was going to auditions and taking everything offered.

But his mentor pointed out all the ways he could be taking ownership. All the ways Odom could make work for himself. And stop waiting for someone to give him permission.

actor and actress studying lines

That conversation changed everything. It wasn’t easy, but Odom made a promise to himself to never again wait for it. He says “the second he got off the couch and started doing things for himself, the universe met him more than halfway.”

Now, let’s take his mentor’s amazing advice for our own.

5 years from now, you’ll be thinking about this moment. The one where you decided to do a 6 month money challenge and make a small (but important) change for your future. No holding back friend!

What is the 6 month savings challenge?

In the 6 month money saving challenge, you put aside a pre-set amount of money each week. By breaking down your savings goals into manageable increments, you are getting consistently closer to your money dreams.

This is where the real power of the challenge lies:

  • 6 months is long enough to give you a sizable savings boost.
  • you’re building precious momentum for a solid future.
  • the challenge gives you enough flexibility to both plan ahead and improvise.

By the end of the 6 months, you will have saved over $2,000, $6,000, or whatever amount you choose without feeling overwhelmed by large weekly deposits.

$2000 6-month savings challenge:

  • Weekly Deposit: $78 (Or bi-weekly in the image below)
6 month money savings challenge biweekly

$6000 6 month challenge:

  • Weekly Deposit: $231

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Why Would You Want to Do This!?

Really, why wouldn’t you want to!?

A challenge makes saving fun, builds confidence, and allows for your new good habits to compound (giving you many thousands of dollars over time).

Just think of all the great things you can use your challenge money for! Whether you are saving $1,000 or more, start dreaming now!

what are you saving up for right now?

Set a specific goal. And go for it friend!

How to Do The 6 Month Savings Challenge

It’s easy with this step-by-step guide!

how to do the 6 month savings challenge

1. Decide how much you want to save and print the free printable below (Choose from $2,000, $6,000, or sign up to grab the customizable template)

2. Write your goal on the printable. Remembering what you are saving for is a big motivator.

3. Open a new savings account that is labeled “Freedom Savings Challenge.” (Or try one of these fun savings account names). Make this account separate from your usual money flow, and get in the mindset that you will not take money out of it.

4. Set up automatic transfers to this new account. This is accountability at its finest! You are committing, and making your dreams HAPPEN.

5. Track your progress. Checkmark your printable each week and celebrate the small victories! You are taking consistent action. And that’s how dreams are realized.

write your goals: millionaire morning routine ideas

Expert Tip: Set a goal and look at it daily! Studies show that writing your goals, making a plan, and getting a buddy are CRUCIAL to achievement.

Practical Ways to Find The Cash

There are two key ways to find the money for this challenge: earn more or spend less. The best results will probably be a mix of the two. Here are great ideas to get you going:

Make More

  • Boost your income at work by asking for a raise or taking on side responsibilities.
  • Declutter and have a garage sale.
  • Leverage your skills to do side freelance work.
  • Make and sell something on places like Etsy.


Spend Less

No spend week or month challenge for January and November to pay off debt
  • Audit all of your monthly bills and subscriptions (chances are there’s something you are overpaying without knowing it)
  • Opt for more strategic get-togethers and evenings out. Go at happy hour or host potlucks in your own home.
  • Use the 24-hour rule. Hold off on big purchases for at least a day. This will ensure you really want something (instead of impulse buying it).


Free 6 Month Savings Challenge Printables

6 month money savings challenge $2000 free printable chart, monthly envelope

When you save $78 a week, you will end up with $2028 (giving you $28 of leeway!)

6 month money saving challenge featured image template free printable tracker for the savings challenge: how to save $10,000

When you save $231 a week, you will end up with $6006 (giving you $6 extra!)

*Snag the customizable chart template when you sign up for the resource library below! You can challenge yourself to go for $10,000 or more!

Variations To The 6 Month Savings Challenge

While the basic challenge is a great start, you can modify the challenge as well. Here are a few popular options:

Do It Bi-Weekly

If you get paid every two weeks, this variation might work best for you. Instead of saving on a weekly basis, double the amount and save every two weeks. (But don’t forget the automatic transfer!)

Double The Savings

If you want to aim for a higher savings goal, you can double the weekly amounts. For example, instead of saving $78 a month, you will save $156. (And end up with $4,056)

Customize Amounts

Create your own amounts. Set weekly saving goals based on your income, expenses, and desired savings amount. (Grab the customizable printable in the resource library!)

How to Stay Motivated: More Expert Tips

Modify and structure the 6 month money saving challenge so that you can remain consistent. That is what’s most important!

Here are a few things you can do (along with the tracking printables) to keep motivation blazing.

F&Qs: Common Savings Challenge Questions

What is liquid net worth? Time to find out woman with cash

What If I Miss A Week?

So you had a bad week or month? Get back in there! We all lose our way sometimes. The difference is what you do about it after.

When you get back on the wagon, save double or spread out the savings among future weeks to make up for the lost time.

Can I Start Mid-Year?

Of course! The 6 month savings challenge can begin at any time during the year. What matters is how consistent you are along the way. Not when you start.

How Much Money Can You Save In 6 Months?

The answer to this is up to you. With our challenge, save $2,000 or less, or go bigger with $6,000, $10,000, or even $20,000.

Is It Possible To Save 10K In 6 Months?

You bet it is! It will take determination, and you may need to overcome your limiting money beliefs. But it’s doable to save $10,000 if you are willing to put in the work.

Are There Alternatives To The 6 Month Savings Challenge?

Yes, there are many several alternatives to this 6 month savings challenge. Here are great ones with free printables on the site:

vacation savings challenge: free printable tracker

What’s Next?

Read about all the ways to save money WHILE actually living better. What a double win!

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