250 Best Retirement Bucket List Ideas & Epic things to Do

retirement bucket list pdf and ultimate ideas

This retirement bucket list will inspire you to dream, plan, and find purpose in building your wealth.

Why You Need a Bucket List

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in the ho-hum of everyday life? A few years ago, I had a random bookstore conversation with a 20-something who planned to retire and live adventurously in his 30s.

Hours after, I kept thinking about the fire in his eyes. His dreams were like an electrical storm, crackling with intensity. It got me to question my own tired and weary beliefs. And dream a bit brighter too.

So, do you have to wait until you retire? Heck no!

Weave these epic retirement bucket list ideas into vacations, sabbaticals, or a beautifully adventurous lifestyle. After all, you only live once. Make it count friend.

Grab the free pdf template at the end to begin building your retirement bucket list!

Travel Bucket List Ideas

First, use these travel destinations for inspiration.

travel vacation bucket list activities for retirement

1. Spend Mardis Gras in New Orleans

2. Stroll in downtown Charleston, South Carolina

3. Drink wine in Tuscany, Italy

4. See the Egyptian pyramids

5. Go to a Broadway show in New York

6. Walk or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

7. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

8. See the ancient city of Petra, Jordan

9. Visit Stonehenge, England

10. Walk the Great Wall of China

11. Take an Alaskan Cruise

12. Learn about the American Revolution in Boston, Massachusetts

13. Attend the International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico

14. See the Eiffel Tower, Paris

15. Horseback in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

16. Visit all 7 continents

17. Set sights on the Taj Mahal, India

18. See Buckingham Palac in London, England

19. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru

20. Go on a safari in Zimbabwe

21. See the breathtaking mountains in Switzerland

22. Explore the Grand Canyon, Arizona

23. See the Redwoods in California

24. Zip line in Costa Rica

25. See Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park

26. Look for the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland.

27. Visit every national park in the United States

28. Tour a vineyard in Napa Valley

29. Visit the Space Center in Houston Texas

30. Go to a Japanese tea ceremony in Kyoto.

31. Wander along the coasts of Ireland

32. Walk the beaches in Tahiti

33. See the world’s tallest building in Dubai

34. Adventure in South Island, New Zealand

35. Try out San Diego’s Southern California charm


Adventure Retirement Activities

These retirement bucket list ideas will make you feel vibrant and alive.

Adventure: hot air balloon ride

36. Get a tattoo

37. Go whale watching

38. Ride in a helicopter

39. Swim in all four oceans

40. Drive a race car

41. Take a hot air balloon ride

42. Take a motorcycle road trip across the US

43. Take a cooking master class

44. Tour a haunted house

45. Go skinny dipping

46. Stand on an active volcano

47. Learn how to fly a plane

48. Learn to drive a stick shift

49. Learn how to sail

50. Learn self-defense (or martial arts)

51. Learn a foreign language

52. Learn a new instrument

53. Haggle in a market

54. Swim with dolphins

55. Go truffle hunting in

56. Attend a Wimbledon match.

57. Visit a coffee farm and learn about coffee

58. See your favorite singer in concert

59. Experience the symphony

60. Go to a rooftop bar with live music

61. Walk inside an igloo

62. Go snorkeling

63. Go scuba diving

64. Walk on hot coals

65. Attend a live TED TALK

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Retirement Bucket List Challenges

Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone.

30 day minimalism declutter challenge for 2024

66. Read all the great classics

67. Challenge yourself to read a book a week for a year

68. Run a marathon

69. Do a Polar Plunge

70. Do a 30 day declutter challenge

71. Go ghost for a while (by getting off your digital devices for a set time or finding a cabin in the woods to reconnect with nature)

72. Hike a mountain

73. Learn to surf

74. Learn to navigate with only a map and compass. (I watched my son do this for Boy Scouts. It was awesome!)

75. Devote one year to learning a new sport (golf, pickleball, etc.)

76. Solve a Rubik’s cube

77. Learn how to code

78. Learn Chess

79. Set a Guinness World Record

80. Learn CPR

81. Publish a book

82. Complete a money saving challenge

83. Wake up before the sunrise every morning (See: Millionaire Morning Routine Ideas)

84. Introduce yourself to someone new every day for a month

85. Visit a new place once a week for a year

Fun Things To Do When You Retire

Don’t take yourself too seriously!

funny bucket list ideas and challenges for retirement

86. Be a contestant on a game show.

87. Create a family cookbook

88. See an old school drive-in movie

89. Learn to juggle

90. Jump in a pool with your clothes on

91. Get a palm reading done

92. Win a “best ugly sweater” award

93. Take photos of a changing season in nature

94. Jump off a diving board

95. Create a wine collection or wine cellar

96. Become an extra in a movie

97. Dance in the rain

98. Get a live Christmas tree

99. Crash a wedding

100. Jump in a taxi and shout “follow that car!”

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Meaningful Retirement Bucket List

Next, use these things to do when you retire to help others and stay purposeful.

life things to do when you retire for 60 year old woman hobby

101. Leave a $100 tip

102. Rescue or adopt an animal

103. Sponsor a child

104. Re-connect with an old friend (or family member)

105. Volunteer (local library, cleaning up trash, youth groups, etc.)

106. Start a charitable foundation

107. Plant a tree in someone’s honor

108. Mentor

109. Meet someone you admire

110. Write a thank you note to someone every day for a month

111. Give away your favorite book to 5 friends

112. Help someone else with their bucket list

113. Forgive someone you need to forgive

114. Start a business that brings out your passion

115. Make friends with 10 new people


Romantic Couples Ideas

romantic retirement bucket list ideas

116. Go camping together and watch the sunrise.

117. Renew your vows in Las Vegas

118. Have a makeout session under the Northern Lights

119. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy

120. Hold hands while walking on the beach

121. Go on a wine (or beer, whiskey, coffee, etc.) tour through your nearby city

122. Visit a quaint bed and breakfast

123. Learn to cook your partner’s favorite meal

124. Learn to write your partner a love note in another language

125. Take salsa dancing lessons

126. Take waltzing lessons

127. Find the most scenic hiking locations in your city

128. Create a Saturday night stargazing picnic ritual

129. Re-create your first date (or honeymoon)

130. Go on an axe-throwing date (Or try a wine and painting date)

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Food Retirement Bucket List

french toast sticks for breakfast

131. Learn how to make sushi

132. Take a street food tour

133. Try every kind of style of pizza. Decide on the best (Chicago, NY, etc.)

134. Learn about molecular gastronomy

135. Eat an (edible) insect

136. Make your own pizza (and throw the dough!)

137. Brew your own beer (or make wine)

138. Create a signature cocktail (name it after your favorite thing)

139. Eat lobster from Maine

140. Bake a pie from scratch

141. Eat gelato in Italy

142. Choose one cookbook and cook every item in it

143. Compare the best barbecue from different places in the U.S.

Not your thing? Compare the best coffee, wine, hot dogs, etc. Pick what you are interested in and make it a taste-testing tour!

144. Dine at a Michelin-star restaurant.

145. Find your favorite sushi place

146. Try frog legs

147. Try English fish & chips

148. Taste chocolate of the highest quality

149. Eat a beautiful French pastry

150. Eat fish that you catch yourself

151. Drink out of a coconut

152. Make pasta from scratch

153. Try cuisine from every continent

154. Make a recipe that your ancestors used to make

155. Eat at a farm-to-table restaurant

156. Try Baklava

157. Get room service from a fancy hotel

158. Can or preserve something

159. Eat at a restaurant with a sensational view

160. Eat paella


Big Ticket Retirement Bucket List Ideas

Next, these ideas might cost you a pretty penny. But they’ll be worth it!

big ticket things to do when you retire, fun activities

161. Attend a black-tie event

162. Go to the World Series

163. Go to the Superbowl

164. Attend an Olympics or World Cup event

165. See a famous ballet

166. Restore classic cars

167. Invest in a rental property (or 10)

168. Collect fine art

169. Invest in (or buy) a vacation home

170. Fly first class

171. Sit front row at a concert or sporting game

172. Name a star

173. Explore a rainforest

174. Go on a cruise

175. Visit all 50 states

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Things to Do With Family

retirement bucket list ideas to do with family, pdf

176. Wow your kids and grandkids with a magic trick

177. Host a fancy tea party

178. Put together a water balloon family war

179. Create a community garden with your extended family

180. Make family photo books with your grandkids

181. Teach your grandkids about investing

182. Make a secret handshake with your grandkids

183. Rent a place on the beach for your family every year

184. Host Sunday night supper where everyone’s invited

185. Read aloud a book with your grandkids. Then, watch the movie together

186. Build an epic living room fort with your grandkids

187. Walk a marathon! Go 26 miles in a weekend by splitting it up between people. Enlist the whole family!

188. Teach your grandkids how to make your favorite recipes

189. Start a foodfight

190. Create a family time capsule

191. Build a giant sand castle

192. Create a family motto or logo

193. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle.

194. Photobomb your grandkids

195. Write a memoir

196. Run through sprinklers

197. Spend a day taking beautiful natural pictures with your grandkids

198. Take your grandkids to something that interests them (a planetarium if they love stars, etc.)

199. Teach your kids a childhood recipe

200. Take your grandkids on a milestone trip or coming-of-age trip


Health and Wellness Ideas

health activities for 50s, 60s, 70s

201. Get a professional massage

202. Meditate regularly

203. Go on a meditation or yoga retreat

204. Try a social media or news detox

205. Journal 3 things you’re grateful for daily

206. Design a room in your home you adore

207. Eat 3 salads a week

208. Create a consistent exercise routine

209. Walk 10,000 steps a day

210. Relax in a hammock with a good book for a day

211. Go vegetarian (or Paleo, Keto, etc.)

212. Participate in a themed or charity walk

213. Walk in nature every day for a week

214. Get into bike riding (set a monthly goal for miles)

215. Go to a yoga retreat

216. Soak in a Turkish or mud bath

217. Relax in a sensory deprivation tank

218. Make a beautiful vision board

219. Try cupping therapy

220. Take yourself out on a picnic

221. Create a relaxing music playlist of your favorite songs

222. Find a favorite candle

223. Send yourself flowers

224. Schedule your yearly checkups ahead of time

225. Spend one morning a week wandering in nature, with only a notebook and pen.

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Unique Retirement List Ideas

Finally, you’ll love these retirement bucket list activities that are creative and different.

226. Create a personal art gallery. Take up the hobby of painting or drawing and then display your work in a special room.

227. Become a beekeeper

228. Build a home library

229. Go to a book signing of your favorite author

230. Stand in two states at once. (One leg in each state!)

231. Learn to throw knives

232. Attend a Renaissance festival

233. Watch a space shuttle launch

234. Witness a solar eclipse

235. Attend a murder mystery dinner

236. Drink a bottle of expensive champagne, wine, or liquor

237. See a foreign film

238. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage

239. Swim with manatees (jellyfish, turtles, etc.)

240. Dog sled

241. Read a banned book

242. Go to a roller derby

243. Get ordained

244. Hike every trail in a state park

245. Send a message in a bottle

246. Learn how to pick a lock

247. Airboat across an alligator swamp

248. Go on a police ride-along

249. Walk on a black sand beach

250. Create a passive income

Free Template Retirement Bucket List

free printable template bucket list for retirement

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